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Date of publication:2009-9   Press: Phoenix Press   Author:Zhou Xiaotian   Pages:174  

Chinese is a poem of the state. In China five thousand years of glorious history of civilization, poetry as a wonderful art in the garden of good, produced in the tens of millions of, of which, many famous literary, win universal praise, people applaud. "The ancient poetry appreciation" trying to collect these famous classification, alert, be appreciation taste, easy poetry lovers start from these quotes, alert, peep one spot and know all, understanding, appreciation of ancient poetry China civilization essence and soul.
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"The book of songs" indeed • • mining Ru Zheng Feng; Qin Wei bin • March 3rd July Yu Chan Tao Yuanming nine and spring Liu Yun July 7th pin Yu Chun Fu Xue Daoheng's return to Xue Ji autumn also Beijing Shaanxi ten for Lantern Festival night Du Su taste the word Jin Ling Lu Cheng spring and swim at Beijing in spring Huai Zhang Ruoxu moonlit night Meng Haoran Chun Xiao Wang Wei September 9th billion Shandong brother Gao Shi day send Du two Du Fu nine, Lantian - a eight Song Zhuang Qiu Xing Shen Si Changan high marching for nine days old Liu Chang Qing new year "" the Meng Yunqing Wei Yingwu sent the brother Rong Yu GUI State LA night Han Xiang Hanshi Wang Jian a bride Han Yu spring is part eighteen Bai Juyi Wai Spring Lake Qian Tang spring Handan winter night homesick Shi Jianwu young girl Du Mu nine Qi Shandeng Li Shangyin and Han Jiang visit the autumn night Qingming cold food day revisit Lee Garden Pavilion with Yang Pu July 7th Wang Yuyong Ming Liu Yong Magnolia Magnolia slow Zhang Xian Yan Shu broken while Song Qi nine wine Su Shunqin the night of the mid autumn moon in Wujiang Pavilion before Zhang Ziye and send you mo CAI ......
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Yichun yuan Zhongchun has been normalized, the temple incense in the spring clothing. Thousands of new year birds singing, February road full of flying catkins. Heyang County and is a flower garden, Jin Gu has tree. A clump of vanilla foot hinder people, a few feet hairspring that cross road. Open competition in Shanglin, Yong river bridge and ferry. Out of the East Lihua, under the blue house fly. Many flowers and leaves weight, bun bun high while the fear of wind. Eyebrow will Liu for green, and red face a total of peach. Shadow to the pool, the flowers sweater. Moss was green and reservoir fish, wheat 才青 and overlying pheasant. This story of Taiwan, Ming Pei Ling Bo water. Move Qi and Jia Fu, into Xinfeng and wine. Pomegranate chat pan, Syzygium acid fermented grains. The lotus jade bowl, lotus cup. New shoots of bamboo shoots, fine nuclear red bayberry. Zhu Qin to holding, Wen Jun wine. Jade tube initial adjustment, Ming string temporary Fu, Lu Song Feng Yangchun, back to Phoenix dance. More sunburn makes, also shift Zheng column. This song fan, spend the festival drum. Du Wei law society, shoot pheasant Xiao Yuan Zhonglang, parking, even ride a long yang. Golden Saddle was beginning, new zhe arch. Whisk look Ma Lei, divided friends incident hall. The horse is the Lake Dragon, belt is precious beam. Yan Jin Tianlu, new ayaori phoenix. Three, Qushui to Hejin, on the evening of the river god multi solution. Tree flow cup off, Sha Tau ferry people. Engrave thin narrow sleeves, the beads posts scarf. Baizhang mountain day to oblique, three afternoon not drunk do not go home. Pool mirror hanging the water and win the house does not like the sweet.
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Extraction of the Millennium poem Yinghua, display life poetic theme. Twenty-four different florescence, once a year a return.
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