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A thousand years of Chinese civilization is to retain only complete world ancient civilization, the Chinese nation is after thousands of years of wind and rain baptism has been full of vigor and vitality of the nation. Of all the children of the Yellow Emperor life and growth in nature and be handed down from age to age of the dragon totem, cast our national spirit and ancient culture. In the transmission of this history, as an important part of the intangible cultural heritage of folk, from the people, the heritage of the people, but also hidden in people's behavior, language and mind. It is people's behavior standard, is the basic force of life; it is steeped in history, the refraction of social.
Chinese is a multi-national country, vast territory and abundant resources, therefore, the folk custom is shown in different poses and with different expressions, the appearance of differ in thousands of ways, it is deeply rooted in China this piece of land, at the time, people from generation to generation, in the space, which consists of a region to another region expansion. "In different wind, thousands of different customs," Chinese folk cover and contain everything, the book covers the Chinese folk old when solar term, weddings, birthday, associating etiquette, taboo named faith, daily life, agriculture, medical and health, urban commercial, Zodiac surname, sports games, folk art, folk literature and many other aspects. This book systematically describes the various customs will encounter in our lives. Labor when there is a labor of folk life, folk life, traditional H folk festivals, social organizations have a social organization of folk, special period of special period of folklore...... Of course, China folk are not stiff rigid, it appeared in the succession of different kinds, such as the Spring Festival when the North South New Year cake to eat dumplings to eat, the south north courtyard Diaojiaolou live live. The folk at this time showed a colorful.
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second solar term
second chapter etiquette custom
the first marriage custom
second day funeral custom
third Festival taboo custom
Fourth fertility educating custom
fifth birthday naming customs
sixth socialising etiquette custom
the third chapter life folk custom
the first folk costume
second festival folk diet
third traditional architecture
Fourth other
fourth chapter production custom
the first health custom
second day fishing and farming practices.
Third ordinary commercial custom
fifth chapter folk literature
sixth chapter folk art
Chapter seventh zodiac and surname wrong's
eighth chapter folk sports games and customs of
Chapter excerpt

The waking of insects to eat pears reason Jingzhe solar term in March 5th of each year or 6, said the hibernating animal began to. The working people in China since ancient times has attached great importance to the waking of insects solar term, summed up a lot of farmers such as: "the awakening of insects Festival, spring can not rest" Jingzhe "spring thunder sounded, the farmer turn idle busy" etc.. The waking of insects to eat pears from a story. There is a legend about a famous domestic family in Shanxi Qixian, the eldest son of the county economy is the ancestor of canal Shangdang people, Ming Hongwu years, took the letter, two sons, by Lu Ma and pear switching Qixian Shangdang coarse, red dates, commute from profit, after a considerable period of time have savings, settled down in Qixian. Yong Zheng asked, fourteen canal rivers go west, it is the awakening of insects, his father took pear, let him eat: "ancestors vendor pear entrepreneurship, hard, settled in Qixian. Today the waking of insects you walk west, eat pears is so you don't forget to make one's ancestors illustrious ancestors, entrepreneurship." Qu rivers go west business become rich, will open the shop named "long thick". Then go west also follow to eat pears, have "home business" of Italy, then the waking of insects also eat pear, also have "efforts Rong Zu" concept. Another explanation is that the awakening of insects, most areas of our country enter the busy spring season, this year the temperature rose the fastest solar term, and sunshine duration was also obviously increase. But since the turn of cold air, the temperature is not very stable, warm, and spring precipitation less relatively dry climate, it is easy to make people parched, exogenous cough. But the pear cold sweet, Runfei cough, nourishing yin and clearing heat effect. So, the pear is particularly suitable for eating in this season. The vernal equinox to the egg, Qiao son every year at the vernal equinox (March 20th or 21) that day, the world will have tens of thousands of people do "vertical egg" test. Equinox this day why easy egg stand on end? Although it is a lot of, but the scientific truth really many. First of all, the spring equinox is day and night hemispheres as long day, a state of relative balance 66.5 degree tilt of the earth's axis and the earth's orbit around the sun plane in a force, is conducive to vertical egg. Secondly, the middle, the time when the spring be neither hot nor cold, spring, feel good, clear thinking, agile, easy vertical egg success. More importantly, the egg surface is rugged, with many protrusions "hill". "Mountain" high of about 0.03 mm, and the distance between the peaks between 0.5 ~ 0.8 mm. According to the three points constitute a triangle and a plane of the truth, only to find three "hill" and is composed of the three "hill" triangle, and the center line of gravity through the triangle of egg, the egg can be erected. In addition, it is best to choose born after 4 to 5 days of egg, this is because the egg yolk lecithin with relaxation, sinking, egg weight decrease, there stands for egg. Qingming Festival is one of the traditional festivals in Chinese Han, as one of the China twenty-four solar term, about the time in the year before and after the solar calendar in April 5th. In ancient times, one day before the Qingming "cold food festival", according to legend, is the spring and Autumn Period Jin Wen Gong to mourn the muon push. Muon push with grace and Duke Wen of Jin, but not an official, Jin Wen Gong to let the meson pushes to fire him, and mother mountain behind, hoping to force Jie shan. Who knows the meson pushes would rather burn not out of the mountains, then Duke Wen of Jin the muon push. That day as the cold food festival, Tomb Sweeping Day Become gradually. The Tang DynastyThe poet Du Mu "Qingming" poem: "Qingming Festival have rain, pedestrians on the road. Borrows asked wineshop where has? The shepherd boy points at Xinghuacun." Write a special atmosphere of the Ching Ming festival. According to the old custom, sweep the tombs, people carrying Jiushi fruit, paper money and other items to the cemetery, will be food for offering in the tomb of loved ones, then the dead incineration, as new graves Pui soil, fold a few branches in the new green grave, and then bow to worship, and finally eat the food and return home. At the same time the Qingming Festival is also called the Spring Festival, according to the Gregorian calendar, Ching Ming is the recovery of all things, trees and grass are green, clear bright day, the spring season, it is also a spring outing people (the ancient name outing) good, so there are ancient Ching Ming TA Qing, in addition to appreciate the nature of a landscape of lakes and mountains, spring beauty, also carried out a series of sports practices. The distinguished guests to drink tea is one of the twenty-four solar term rain rain, in around April 20th each year. Guyu refers the rain began to increase, to the best season to plant transplanting, dibble melon bean, is greatly beneficial to the growth of cereal crops. Guyu tea is tea before rain, is the grain rain season for spring, also called the two spring. The farmers say, rain day mining of fresh tea leaves do dry tea is the true Guyu tea, but also to the morning. The reason is: Spring Guyu tea rare moderate temperature, rainfall, coupled with the first half of tea recuperate and build up strength in winter, the spring shoots stout, color green, leaves soft, rich variety of vitamins and amino acids, so that the tea taste fresh, pleasant aroma. The farmers that picking the tea is kept up his drink or used to entertain guests, when they make tea for the guests., would rather show off to the guests said, this is the rain day do tea oh. Actually, only the guests will be out for you to drink. Therefore China Tea Association and other relevant departments initiative will be the annual Lunar New Year "Guyu" that day as the "national tea daily", and held various activities related to tea. We call people tradition summer in May 5th every year or so, things began to grow up that said. We have to eat lunch, said the customs of people. Old people every summer day, will hang a large wood scales at the entrance or door, a steelyard hook hanging a stool, everybody take turns sitting to stool above said. Company scale human side play scale flower, side with auspicious words. The beginning of summer, "said" custom is popular in the south of China, originated in the Three Kingdoms period, and Zhu Geliang, Meng Huo and so on. Meng Huo was said to Zhu Geliang after the capture and release seven times, for Zhu Geliang. Zhu Geliang dying entrust each year to see Meng Huo Shu An, Zhu Geliang asked the day, is this year the beginning of summer. Since then, every summer, will abide by a promise to visit Dou meng. Over the years, the Jin Dynasty emperor Sima Yan conquered the kingdom of Shu, abducted fools. And don't forget the prime minister asked Meng Huo, annual summer goes out to go to Luoyang to see the fools, every time I go to call the fools weight, to verify whether the Jin emperor Dou wronged. He threatened that if wronged ah Dou, to declare war against jin. In order to accommodate the emperor Jin Meng Huo, each year in the summer day, with glutinous rice and peas cooked lunch to eat dou. Fools see peas Glutinous rice and waxy and sweet, eat more. Meng Huo to said, every year a few catties. Although there is no A Dou what skills, but we called people to Meng Huo, Jin emperor did not dare to bully him, day too quiet comfort, enjoy both felicity and longevity. This myth, although with the historical facts are different, but people want is "peace peace, peaceful world enjoy both felicity and longevity". It says people will give a blessing, people also pray to God to bring them good luck. P22-24
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China custom culture with its distinctive characteristics of the times and colorful forms, become extremely gorgeous brilliant Chinese civilization highlights. "The Chinese folk" systematically describes the various folk will encounter in our lives. Labor when there is a labor of folk life, folk life, a traditional festival folk custom of traditional festivals, social organizations have a social organization of folk, special period of special period of folklore...... Of course, China folk are not stiff rigid, it appeared in the succession of different kinds, such as the Spring Festival when the North South New Year cake to eat dumplings to eat, the south north courtyard Diaojiaolou live live. The folk at this time showed a colorful. The book edited by Zhou Chenghua.
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