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Illustration: two, the kite is the predecessor of the aircraft can use the wind to fly kites, kite flying not only makes a man healthy, give people a sense of beauty, it also has certain contributions to human. Why do you say that? Because the kite has long been used in the study of natural science experiments. In about twelfth Century, kite spread to the west, from the beginning of time Westerners do experiments in the use of kites, is of great help to develop these experiments in science. I read a lot of related reports and information, always finishing down after reading, I think the accumulation of these things to my knowledge is very helpful. For example, in 1749, the British astronomer Wilson to detect high temperature, put a few thermometer fixed in 6 kite, with nearly 1000 meters long line traction to put these 6 kite. The kite flew into the air temperature strap, measure the different high temperature, so the scientists got the temperature data, of great help to the study of meteorology. This method has a name, called "kite train", it is the image. Scientific experiments that many, such as the 1901 Italy scientist Marconi in the island of Newfoundland and the British established radio contact. Radio with 120 meters long antenna is also on the kite with the past, metal wire was lead this kite is used as an antenna. And in 1847, the "bridge, is a steel wire rope bridge with kites, thick line across the. I know a little story is very interesting, in 1828, a teacher named George Pocock British made a car with two big kite pulled the car. When wind is big, the car can reach speeds of up to 35 kilometers per hour. The kites pull the car in a game, run faster than a horse pulling a stagecoach faster. Effect of kites in the international aviation history is great, I checked the NPC history research and design of gliders, aircraft have to do kite experience, their inspiration from the kite. Because some large kite can directly be manned, so they are used a kite to do experiments. My hand this data there are many such examples, such as a document is written like this: "in 1799 and 1809, Britain's George Chris, use a kite on aircraft aerodynamics principle, the creation of. In 1804, he in the Yorkshire manor, invented the world's first glider. In 1903, the Wright brothers American Ohio, produced the first aircraft in flight, North carolina. According to their kites on wind and off the principle, making the glider, then device power machinery, increase the flying distance and time, the invention of the human plane can carry off." The kite is a fixed wing aircraft, I think this sentence is especially, principle of flying glider is derived from the kite slowly evolved. The prototype and the kite glider is the same, only magnified many times, a single or double. From here we can see, we can sit the plane to the world today, largely because the kite (laugh). Of course, this technology is developed, the kite doesn't have to take so many tasks. Although the function of kites becomes simple, but it gives people happiness has not changed, it contains the one of the most simple longing for the flight.

Wang Wenzhang, male, born in March 1951, Yamato Hisakohito. Professor, tutor of doctoral students. Vice Minister of the Ministry of culture, Dean of faculty, Chinese art institute director of China intangible cultural heritage protection center. Has published more than 60 words of art theory, review articles, editor of "Chinese scholars in the eyes of the science and the humanities", "the Peking Opera master Cheng Yanqiu", "Mei Lanfang's visit to Beijing Opera", "Atlas of intangible cultural
Author brief introduction

At the beginning of twenty-first Century, the social public to the heritage protection China intangible cultural attention, to participate in the protection of enthusiasm, and promote the China non-material cultural heritage protection work, become an important event China cultural circles and even Chinese society. About the connotation of "intangible cultural heritage" is a word from the majority of the people, to the "intangible cultural heritage" become make known to every family of vocabulary, it is generally the representational form a certain cognitive, and support or to actively participate in the protection work, shows that people have seen in the modernization process in the background,, because of the change of the improvement of living standards and way of life are disappearing rapidly, as the traditional social environment people's way of life and production of the intangible cultural heritage of the reality, and the reality, will the human society sustainable development prospect irreparable. Therefore, the comprehensive protection of intangible cultural heritage has become the consensus of the whole society. However, the protection of intangible cultural heritage that the subject of the times should be how to answer, the answer is not the same. The reason of the inconsistent, mainly is the contradiction between economic development and from the protection of intangible cultural heritage. The intangible cultural heritage as simple economic resources, over exploitation of distorting its essential characteristics in the protection under the name, such as the original ecology dance folk change for superficial fashion stereotype performance service to tourist sites, or the traditional handicrafts as does not have the economic potential of the project and its type, etc.. In recent years, a phenomenon we are common in the city especially in rural construction, with the new building or new environment form will be carrying a specific area of the people from generation to generation material carrier of culture and art (such as certain cultural space) completely change. This can not correctly grasp and deal with the social development and the protection of intangible cultural heritage relation, has been and still the protection of intangible cultural heritage harm. We should face up to and change the phenomenon. No doubt, the protection of intangible cultural heritage is a dynamic process. The right protection is not it solidified and stop the development. In October 17, 2003 UNESCO by the "protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage Convention" pointed out: "this intangible cultural heritage from generation to generation, adapt to the surrounding environment and interaction with nature and their history is constantly re creation in various communities and groups, for support these communities and groupsContinued sense of identity, so as to enhance the cultural diversity of human creativity and respect." Effective protection of intangible cultural heritage, fundamentally speaking, is to guarantee its own rules of natural evolution, phase parallel in sustainable development of natural evolution and human society, we can not artificially to interrupt the natural evolution process, also not to artificially make it mutation. I think, this should be the most fundamental significance of protection work, but also protect the most difficult, the most core force.
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kite history preface
oral ha also Qi introduction
the first chapter ha also Qi in the China.
a kite, kite, is the predecessor of the two aircraft
three, Chinese mainly kite origin
four, I know
second chapter Beijing kite Hastelloy kite family history of
the HA crystal Yi tells Hastelloy kite three generation
(a) ha g
(two) ha felsic
(three) 哈魁明
the my kite life
(a) forget childhood
(two) making kites succeeded the first time
(three) in 12 years kite company (in the early 80 -- 1993)
(four) to join the sea there are bitter sweet
(five) gave the kite applause.
(six) kite let me make many friends.
Third chapter kite Hastelloy
A, 'Hastelloy kite materials and tools of
(a) materials (two)

two production tools, the representative works of peony butterfly (a) rolling process of
(two) paste process
(three) drawing kite Hastelloy
three, pay attention to fly / >......
fourth chapter Hastelloy kite's characteristics and cultural connotation of
fifth chapter ha also Qi's new exploration of
sixth chapters review and Prospect
appendix (a) ha also Qi business results.
appendix (two) ha's family for four generations.
postscript @##@ chronology Non material cultural heritage in the natural evolution pattern is various, which determines the protection we take should also be diversified. But for the traditional handicraft items, take the productive protection should be an appropriate way. In this way, can make the Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance person, these technology holders will own skills as a means of production and life, not only can get the reward of labor, also can therefore cause the craftsmanship, and the corresponding to their works and the user, the skill to continue with the creative wisdom of foundation and innovation. This set of "Chinese folk art heritage Oral History Series", recorded the inheritors of art history, how to consummate their skills, and their thoughts on art; show them how to produce protective way, so that these different skills in traditional infiltration into the new art elements, and loved by the people, and they have the economic basis for inheritance.
continues to accelerate, the rapid development of science and technology and the era of global economic integration in the process of human society modernization, more and more national, regional and population were incorporated into the overall pattern of the world changes. To maintain the diversity of human culture, is the sustainable development of human society and is closely linked with the. And the protection of each nation has a unique personality and vigorous vitality of the folk art, is the human culture diversity form do not become Museum and sample different appearance, and the permanent vitality of an important guarantee for life and growth in nature. I think, the reader will from the "series" China folk art heritage of the people feel the oral history.
Chapter excerpt

By the end of 2007, I had the honor to join by Dean Wang Wenzhang editor of the "Chinese folk art heritage oral history interview series" writing group. Enter the group at the beginning, my main job is to assist the project team members to proofread the manuscript and editing images, at the beginning of 2008, deputy editor Wang Haixia teacher put the kite art history writing task to me. Given the opportunity, I feel very happy, also feel great pressure. Happy is teacher Wang to be able to trust me, feel a lot of pressure is himself never finish a book, can not shoulder this task. In the process of writing this book, teacher Wang gave me a lot of encouragement and help, this makes the "Hastelloy kite" has been completed smoothly. This process, for me is not just a rare learning writing opportunities, is the more I know about folk culture, a valuable experience for folk artists. "Series China folk art heritage of human oral history? The selected objects, are the smashing of the folk art masters, their art and personality is very admire. Ha also Qi is one of them. He is Beijing "kite Kazakhstan" fourth generation successor, art has been more than thirty years. Ha also Qi inherited "the essence of all the traditional producing Hastelloy kite" process, and through their own unremitting efforts, given the "Hastelloy kite" new vitality. "Hastelloy kite" a Book of the writing style and the original "question and answer" mode, through interviews and tape, accumulated original materials, and then to the interview questions as the clue, it does not affect the oral words coherence, the questions and answers hidden throughout the article, in order to form a more clear the architecture. I according to oral ha also Qi tells, in accordance with the kite history, family history, Hastelloy kite making, Hastelloy kite's characteristic and his creativity and experience to be arranged, the book in order for the six chapter. In the interview, I also Qi on HA kite art and his I have a more in-depth understanding of. Ha also Qi left impressed me most is his rigorous and serious. In making a kite when told me, he had just attended the meeting, and had a bad cold, a few days did not eat well rest. In order to help me complete the kite making process of the shooting, he still persist in making a peony butterfly kite. In the process he always stopped to answer my questions, so, some steps had to repeat several times, he has no complaints. After the article sorted out, ha teacher and several word for word and sentence for sentence to proofread the manuscript, timely correctionAll the entry caused by recording and understanding, make up for the omission. He was really, every time I go to his home to interview, he and the others he aunt will warm hospitality, leaving me to eat more often. I'm sorry, also want to invite them, ha teacher but refused to. He seriously said to me: "my father taught me, junior and old together, can't let them spend."

"Hastelloy kite kite family: Ha also Qi Oral History:" series Chinese folk art heritage of oral history
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