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Illustration: in addition, the ancient people had to forecast weather and inserted under the eaves, the old saying "Liu Tiaoqing, misty rain; wicker dry, sunny days" argument. Provisions of Huang Chao uprising, to a "Qingming, Dai Liu for no.". After a failed uprising, Dai Liu customs gradually be eliminated, only inserted Liu unabated. Willow buds herald the arrival of spring, they always give people a sense of hope. While willow has strong vitality, as the saying goes: "determined to grow flowers do not open, inadvertently inserted Liu Liu Chengyin." Wicker inserted soil live, where to live in, where every year, so people in Liu, everywhere lined, a land of life. With home Wei Wei Sheng's visit to swim swim -- the outing activities outing is called the Chun You, ancient called Tan Chun, look for spring. Qingming Festival in March, Spring returns to the good earth., nature everywhere is a scene full of vigour, it is a good time for people to go spring outing, so there are ancient Ching Ming TA Qing, and a series of sports practices. For the long-standing practices, in pre Qin Dynasty legend has been formed, also said that began in the Wei and Jin dynasties. According to "Jin Shu" records: every spring, people have to go to the countryside for viewing, to the Tang and Song dynasties in particular, then the inherited, become a habit. But outing is a year spring, the specific daily access. The ancient spring season respectively, the first two days of February, March lunar January eighth grade etc.. Later, due to sweep the tombs at the Qingming, vegetation green bright spring days, fields of a brilliant fragrance, people in the Ching Ming Festival is spring Sheng's visit outing activities. Song ZhuangjiYu "chicken ribs" said: "cold food on the mound, also do not set incense. The money tree hanging in the grave. The village, all the hope of offering.
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Spring Festival: the new peach for old symbol driven "year" by "year" -- the most Folk Festival "in twenty-four, and sweep the house" -- the work of "sweeping the dust days" kill the swine, steamed New Year cake -- with special purchases for the Spring Festival from Tao Fu, door god to "Fu" and "May there be surpluses every year New Year paintings", "Wu Fu in the" big -- warm meal of the eve of the bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new year -- the staying-up "Shan Sao" and "firecracker" -- the origin and evolution of "worship box", "gift money" -- full of human courtesy powu "fill poor pit" -- poverty are saying good-bye to worship ancestral, mud dog -- people Sheng Festival sacrifice Nuwa rob "salary", match gyro -- minority Spring Festival Lantern Festival: Ambilight to make lanterns from the memorial "Ping Lu" Torch Festival -- Lantern Festival of the origin and development of witchcraft worship Taiyi God from the "floating element" to "Glutinous Rice Balls" -- the life of the emperor "randeng table Buddha light" -- the origin of "local" game -- the first prototype of riddles written on lanterns playing the dragon, a land boat -- Lantern Festival is rich and colorful celebration "steal food festival", "bang bang" -- the unique minority of Qingming Festival: cold Dongfeng Yu Liu oblique Qingming before and after the food, some melon beans -- stem twenty-four solar term Qingming Festival from the "new drilling wood fire" to a vertebral -- motionless fireworks cold mending houses built Yin -- sweep the tombs offering ancestors "ghost some wood" -- put dailiu willow illnesses and misfortunes family outing spring outing wins -- interview outing activities "organ", "Kite" -- a kite scutcher -- drawing youth with the series with the Song Festival -- Zhuang Memorial Liu Sanjie Dragon Boat Festival: drums and waves sound thousand ray from Qu Yuan to Wu Zixu -- the origin of Dragon Boat Festival since "leading offering" -- dragon boat races "Gu the leaf 裹黍" do "dip in sugar to eat dumplings dumplings" -- "to avoid the" and "toxic" -- hanging calamus, AI, Bi GUI 萆斗 hundred play Jiju -- with folk characteristics of the Dragon Boat Festival Entertainment dumplings package will, Yang Meihui -- Dai and Yi after the Dragon Boat July 7th day: to be invited Weaver Nong golden shuttle Vega to meet -- July 7th sources "Qiao" -- popular in women between the July 7th customs "for life" and "life" -- have a style of one's own child ritual worship Vega, worship Kuixing -- festive worship activities fruit, flower melon -- seven night The special food for the Mid Autumn Festival: nung, thousands of miles of the moon were from the festival to the imperial examination -- mid autumn moon, the moon -- the origin and development of ancient folk customs duty Princess Yang and "Hu cake" -- the origin of the name of our Moon "mouth" -- with the traditional process of rabbit "red dot" and "tile in the light of" -- with good wishes and patriotic thought activities you sing my answer epigenetic Festival -- singing lover to the Double Ninth Festival: Chrysanthemum must be inserted more and Sun Yang, two nine phase -- chrysanthemum appreciation for too Chongyang Shangju drinking tea -- a symbol of the Chinese nation since the warm gentle chrysanthemum from "anode will become" to the "origin to small autumn climbing herbs" -- the "evil Weng" -- Chongyang wear cornels fine cake and money by climbing to eat cake cake -- Winter Solstice Festival: the winter solstice sun again -- the northern hemisphere winter solstice in the shortest day, the longest night of the day of winter solstice heaven -- the grand emperor worship ceremony, wonton Glutinous Rice Balls and dog -- winter diet "shoe" and nine nine away cold figure -- the emperor has strong folk custom from the "Confucius" to "long division" -- respecting is our tradition Virtue Laba Festival: monk beans offer Buddha monk meters from Zhu Yuanzhang to Yue Fei -- the source of five kinds of congee Laba Qibao -- warm, high Po Yang Congee with Nuts and Dried Fruits have the Spring Festival "calculate" account -- the most delicious foods Laba Laba garlic for distinctive holiday: minority "festival wrestling, horse racing, personality -- harvest will new rice Festival -- God blessing the screen, Mongolia folk festival drinking fishing new year offerings -- pray that God bless the Gaoshan Nationality" kacho Doll "-- the Dulong swift cattle heaven to @##@ Pergamon Traditional festivals are an important part of Chinese culture, but with the integration of modern society and the world culture open, for now a learning meals in or out of the "McDonald's" "KFC", is called "the generation without root" children, to understand the motherland traditional folk custom, it is still important. "Graphic Chinese traditional festival" one book, full of rich culture, this paper to text, illustrations, vividly shows like the Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival and other traditional festivals, Chinese overview of the origin, celebrations and every kind of folk customs. In order to let more Chinese have a thorough understanding of our own traditional festivals, but also to understand the ancient culture of China foreign friends opened a door leading to the folk custom window. The Spring Festival, Tomb Sweeping Day, Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival and other traditional festivals to add a lot of fun to people's life, but about these festivals the story behind you and know how much? Don't worry, opened the book now, with our two lovely children to expand this rare folk festivals lookback trip.

"Graphic China traditional festival": content to text, graphics and text of the readers to feel close to belong to our happiness festival of ethnic culture inheriting the infection of the essence of traditional spring festival called "have the Spring Festival" why? Why should eat Zongzi on Dragon Boat Festival? "July 7th Qiqiao" and how is it going? In this book, with pictures and the writer, for readers to uncover the mystery. This is not only a good reading, it is a custom look gracious tour.
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A book need to complete many people silently, shine is the wisdom of the collective. Which is a lot of hard work, condensed a lot of hard work and sweat. In the planning and writing process, book editor group members pay a lot of effort, in this to express our sincere thanks to them, they are: Wang Chieh, Yang Yanli, Xu Changrong, Li Liangting, Shi Huili, Huang Yanan, Cao Bo, Wang Yan, Li Na, Nie Xiaoqing, Wang Peng, Yan Han, Yang Qing, Li Qian, Yang Ying, Wu Jingmin, Wang Yanming, Li Jing, Li Meng, Yu Haiying, Cai Yalan, Liao Chunhong, Huang Wei, Jiao Liang, Zhao Guangna, Zhao Yi, Wei Qingsu, Li Wenjing, Zhang Xiaojing, Li Yanqi, Ci Yanli, Zhang Yanfen, Zhou Shan, He Ruixin, Chang Juan, Chen Yan, Cao Xu, Qi Yanjie, Qi Hongxia, Li Weijun, Li Hui, Liang Sujuan, Huang Mengxi, Zhang Baowen, Huang Xiaolin, Ou Jun, Yan Ruijuan, Dan Jia Qing, Chen Xiaochan. Reading is a kind of enjoyment, so that the process of writing a book is a kind of enjoyment. I enjoy more, our hearts are full of gratitude. Because in the process of writing, we have not only been peer help, also draws on the essence of other human wisdom. I believe you the value of labor does not die, because bring valuable spiritual wealth it to readers.
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