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Date of publication:2001-5   Press: Fujian people's Publishing House   Author:Once 意丹, Xu Heping   Pages:367  

Fuzhou is a city with a long history and culture of the ancient city, Fujian will, beautiful natural scenery and pleasant, cultural and historical heritage deep. According to "historical records" records, in 202 BC, hangaozu closed without the Minyue Wang as, "land of Wang Minzhong, are Dong Ye", started in Fuzhou in the history of civilization. It is found that the Tanshishan archaeological sites, as early as more than 5000 years ago, the ancestors of today in Fuzhou perched on both sides of Minjiang, they "hunting mountain cutting industry", in the history of the development of five thousand years of life and growth in nature, whether the Minyue ancients, or thousands of miles away to migrate to the Central Plains, a generation generation, with hope, with dreams, hard work, pioneering, refuse to be cowed or submit, pioneering and enterprising, held a piece of scenery to Southeast, Fuzhou to the seashore Zou Lu, and cultural city reputation in china. Time to time to time, time of the water also deposited many unforgettable memories. A city to find valuable several cultural landscape is not difficult, but finding such as Fuzhou has such a rich and profound humanistic landscape is not easy; a city to find some be handed down from age to age custom is not difficult to find, but like Fuzhou has a profound and Bo Guang folk culture system is not easy; the more important is a city, it is not difficult to find her unique, contains rich cultural heritage, but found that continues today, succession, rich, innovation, beyond the human, is not easy, this is the Fuzhou folk cultural value. In 2001 May, Fujian people's publishing house, Fuzhou folk expert Fang Binggui, Li Xiang Liu, Xu Heping, Pan Qun, Zeng 意丹 zhuancheng "Fuzhou Folk Culture Series" a set of eight publishing. The authors used the historical research and practical experience of the eyes, after thousands of years vicissitudes of Fujian folk, feel, appreciate the people. Open merry and lively, nausea for paper, generous and strict, character and passion. The dig the subconscious, is never out of a cheap nostalgic emotion and a narrow geographical preferenceTo recognize and develop, but the Mindu culture, a kind of aesthetic consciousness contained in the historical consciousness awakening. Reflect customs and geography, history and reality of the echo, natural and humanistic staggered, is a history of ink, and urban style. This is the benefit of a far-reaching cultural project of Fuzhou people. After the publication, popular at home and abroad, the people in Fuzhou edition, produced great influence on society. A group of Fuzhou after a long journey and decades of research expert of folklore, on this basis, and constantly excavate and restoration of many historical folklore, the formation of a new data, many new achievements. Therefore, expansion, second edition is revision. This reprogramming "Fuzhou Folk Culture Series", including "Fuzhou Convention", "Fuzhou Street", "Fuzhou family", "Fuzhou place names", "Fuzhou", "Fuzhou idiom old business", "Fuzhou folk story", "Fuzhou" God eight ", a pen, in order to a more comprehensive, more accurate expression of Fuzhou's unique folk culture, fill the blank again urban memory. This series is not the old materials stacking, which focuses on the background of contemporary science development, referring to each other in a historical and cultural city culture and civilization of thousands of years, establish a space-time coordinate the books with pictures, highlights the long history of Fujian culture. Editor's perspective is wide, the focus is very clear, the multidimensional angle of sight, cultural tradition, will Fuzhou ancient street, downtown street, unique folk customs, mellow, strange stories, distant sites, modern architecture and cultural heritage are true, directly to the world. The editor of the text and pictures, refine on stories of detailed research, also have cudgeled one's brains, not only the objective historical presentation, and explains the academic point of view; both the inherent tension, emotional details and abundant, but also take into account information and art, so as to appreciate, research and the collection series.

This book by the name of classified arrangement, first introduced in Fuzhou the surname family sequence of events, and then introduced the outstanding figures and stories, the children in a clear, easy retrieval. Are included in the book of the family, not limited to the traditional family concept, not only included the officials aristocratic family, literary family, also includes the process of family, family medicine, technology, family, etc.. In the academic, may also be regarded as a kind of new study on "family" concept.
Author brief introduction

Once 意丹, in 1962 and was admitted to Peking University Department of history, after graduation, worked in Luoyang, Fuzhou. Presided over the Luoyang West high cliff ruins, Sui and Tang capital site archaeological excavations. Served as deputy director of Fuzhou Municipal Cultural Bureau, director of the Fuzhou Municipal Bureau of cultural relics. The organization team found the Shaolin Temple site in Fuqing. The individual monograph "old pictures of Fuzhou", "Fuzhou Gu CuO", CO authored with "Luoyang places of historic interest and scenic beauty", "ancient capital Chinese Palace", "China participated in compiling dictionary of art", "historical and cultural city Chinese dictionary code", "the local culture of Fuzhou assembly" etc.. Published dozens of papers, published 150 words. A television documentary "the writer coastal pearl -- Fuzhou" won the third national excellent TV series Award (1985 year), the writer of "Fang Xiang Chunqiu", "the introduction of Western Learning: Yan Fu -- the first person" respectively by the 1995 year, 1996 year Fujian Province cultural feature film prize.
Catalogue of books

In order that the second edition was surnamed Chen Chen origin "a gentleman in mid-air" allusions and Yingchuan Yan sent ancestor Chen Shi Yingchuan Chen when Chen Guling moved to Fuzhou Gu Ling Chen origin "beach four" first Chen Xiang and the Confucian family Chen Xiang the bell cracked fan case and "Chen Xiang Yi Chen Mingzhao nine Qian Tang six well" Deng Zhi Guan Huang Jia's family and family Ji Shang Chen Ji Shang Chen origins flourished in the Song Di Chen and the family of Neo Confucianism Chen Xiangdao and the "book of Rites" Chen Yang and "music book" Chen Yang and Dong Zen Temple "Tripitaka" Luo Jiang Chen Luojiang Chen from Changle crane on the use of science and technology world Home Chen shop Chen Ruolin and the late Chen Ruolin family "and" Prince Chen Baochen and new education Zhu Rongji personally to Chen Daisun he 寿胪 Lei Chen, Chen 鸭姆 胪雷 duck origin Chen Shaokuan and anti Japanese War military discipline of Yangtze river sea Chen Shaokuan Yan Mingchen 绍宽 refused to invite Chen Jingrun and "Goldbach conjecture" Lianjiang Long Xi Chen to a family of origin Chen Di and ancient rhyme "scold" Friends of Chen Di and Dong Ying Ju Chen Di and "Ma nasal war" -- Also on soil skid min Lin Lin surname origin Changle Zhong Yi Lin Shen Mengzi and loyal family Hara Chuyoshi Lin Di Wu Lin Pai Work family Hara Chuyoshi forest bridge school on academic family green garden Xi Jing Lin Xi Jing Lin traceability Jia Wu Qingpu naval battle of the martyrs Lin Lvzhong Lin Baishui and vernacular newspaper pioneer of the feminist movement 宗素 Lin min opera Mingdan Lin Zhifang Fuzhou Wenfeng Fuzhou Wenfeng Lin Lin sequence of events have farsightedness patriot Lin Zexu Jia Wu naval battle fought Lin Tai tried to develop education, national industrial, power to ban opium Lin Bingzhang defying, enforce the law impartially Lin Xiang rack one's brains "construction of Fuzhou Lin Enpu River on a big feat" leaders Lin Zunxueguan and Lin Chong Yong to lerne, upright and outspoken Lin Jidong for the new Chinese power construction made outstanding contributions Lin Xinxian both intelligent and courageous, be firm and inflexible reconnaissance hero Li Liang Lin Zexu's diplomat Ling Ching South Lantau Shuixi forest water resistant water resistant of the Song Dynasty became the aristocratic family Ming forest spring Ze and Qiong Lin family moved to Fuzhou Gushi Gushi forest forest 濂江 forest 濂江 forest origin Ryukyu people think progenitor 濂江 Shangshu family and Jijiu family Lin Liu and "sizhitang" Lin Han Tang and two dynasties Zhi "" and Lin Yunming's "classical interpretation" Lian Pu Chi and Beijing the Summer Palace Zhengyang gate (gate), Lin Sichen and Xin Hai revolution Tao Jiang 林淘 Jiang Lin traceability...... Wang Xiqing Wang Yangqi Yan Yingyang Zheng Yongcheng Zhu Langya 宫巷 Wulin Shen Shen Huqiu Huang Qiao Cai Longshan Liu Fenggang Liu Yuzhang Luo Yongsheng beams of Tengshan Bamboo Island Deng Fengchi Zhang Qilin Weng and six GUI Weng Osprey had Fujian county Ye Fuzhou Dong Longmen Gao Dong Lan Xie and Heng Ling Xie Fenyang Guo Yan, 通贤 Gong Yao Sha Tang appendix: medical family postscript
Chapter excerpt

Chen Shaokuan and the Anti Japanese sea and air war in July 7, 1937 the outbreak of the Anti Japanese War, at this time, the Secretary of the Navy Chen Shaokuan as deputy head of mission is China, British, Germany and other countries of the navy. Hearing the news, Chen is called Jiang Jieshi, an interrupt request inspection, to Anti Japanese war. Get Chiang agreed, his 8 month to fly back to Nanjing, Chen Shaokuan immediately be fatigued with the journey to the formulation and implementation of the naval war plan. In early 1936 November, Japan formulated the "army and navy military agreement", to launch a war of aggression against China made strategic arrangements, operational area, the main direction for the Peiping Tientsin (North China), Shanghai (Hua Zhong), Qingdao (Shandong). "Lugou Bridge incident" after the outbreak, the side occupation, to the 6 division troops, South, along the rail line into central China; on the other hand, concentrated armed forces to capture Shanghai, and then along the Shanghai Nanjing railway and the Yangtze River, land and sea and air and into the combined attack of Nanjing, attempting to achieve "three months China to death". The outbreak of the Anti Japanese War, contributed to the new situation of the joint anti japanese. Chen Shaokuan was ordered to quickly ship and expropriation ships bound for Jiangyin waterway construction blocking the blockade. The total tonnage Chinese naval ships only more than 5 tons, and the Japanese Navy known as the world's third naval power, ship of about 1100000 tons gross tonnage, a difference of 20 times! Balance of power so great. Chen Shaokuan is holding the cut off all means of retreat, fight to win or die determination, with undaunted, I have no his momentum in Jiangyin and strong Kou battle. Jiangyin is located in the lower reaches of Nanjing more than 200 kilometers away from the mouth of the Yangtze River, about 100 km, known as the throat of the said. Here the river is narrow, the river depth little, easy blockage. South Changshan area, with the fort, can control the downstream channel. In August 6, 1937, the supreme military council approved the Navy blocked plans, however, supreme commander Jiang Jieshi has still not approved. But the aircraft can not be delayed, Chen Shaokuan has quietly mobilizing force. 3 the afternoon of August 10th, the Department of the Navy received the highest authorities call command: immediately to Jiangyin, the implementation of emergency blockade.

Fujian people's Publishing House will write "Fuzhou family" the book's task to us. The topic has the significance very much, to be. Such a book, before little precedent, when the right to learn and explore, to do it. The book, the original some accumulation. But the main Fuzhou gentlefolk introduced, still need to do a lot of investigation and verification, correction, correction work. Very large workload. Because we often diversions, in press incentive, urging, finally completed the draft, but there are still a few gentlefolk gates, such as Lin Fang Fangzhuang, Taishan Yip's because also some problems not clear, book temporary que. Two, we made a division of labor, the majority of gentlefolk, by once 意丹 do, Xu Heping wrote Huqiu yellow, paint 林翁氏, Changle, Wenfeng and Fuzhou, the forest of Chinese family, the family. In the process of writing, by Lin Bingzhou, Huang Qiquan, Li Houwei, Chen Zhuxi, Dong Jun, Lin Boan, Guan 桂铨, Lu Weifeng, Lin Shoucheng, Shen Xudong, high 依忠, Lin Yuyan, Lin Shaochang, Ye Shuguang, Lin 桢墉, sun tan Cun, Xie Zongkai, Chen Kejie, Chen Su enthusiastic help, I would like to express my deepest gratitude!
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"Fuzhou family (Revised Edition)" introduce Fuzhou family, as the saying goes "Fuzhou Chen Lin half a day". Due to historical reasons, the formation of dozens of large family in ancient Fuzhou society, both the officials aristocratic family, also has a business family, doctors and family etc.. Has a certain impact on all aspects of these noble family in Fuzhou and Chinese political, economic, cultural and social life, the family has a long history and the rise and fall of Fuzhou and the China, implying the historical information.
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