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Date of publication:2001-3   Press: Fujian people's Publishing House   Author:Li Xiang Liu, Li Dazhuo   Pages:274  

Illustration: the hall each room should be balanced Fuzhou residential buildings, structure equilibrium to the hall and the rooms. Whether "four fan three", "six fan five", "eight fan seven" type, are formed in the construction pattern for the housing office, next to. Such as the city of underwear Jin Fang 54, the former residence of Ouyang Shousun, wood structure, surrounded by the fire wall, house facing north, double door entry, the house is full width of 12 meters, three, in the hall, next to the house, 13 meters into the deep, in front of the Hall courtyard 9 meters wide, 6 meters into the deep. Like typical residence, is to pay attention to the hall as the center, around the room, forming a "four fan three" balanced construction layout. The so-called "six fan five", refers to the hall in, each about two parallel, Changle Sha Jing Licun Qing Dynasty calligrapher Li 兆珍's former residence, is an example. The so-called "eight fan seven", refers to the hall, three around each real parallel, Changle Crane Village "九头马" residential group, is the most representative example. It is the hall and around the real parallel structure, maintain balanced, is not allowed to cross cutting, the housing increased, it not only undermines the whole house shape, contrary to equilibrium, affecting the safety, but also destroyed the building layout of the whole, is a taboo. Minyan "sell CuO did not sell hall", which refers to the outsiders to buy a real house, only to live in a real range, channel and gate can be used, but not even the hall. Because, the hall of the original owner, has nothing to do with the buy a house door. This is also in order to maintain the balance of the whole house. If you buy a house households live in, change or replacement of the structure, will be the owner to stop. If the real expanded to the veranda, will cause the imbalance pattern, will also be stopped. And certainly not for Hall hybrid stack debris.

Li Xiang Liu, member Chinese Writers Association, member China folk literature and Art Research Association, enjoy the special allowance of the State Council issued. Works of "poetry", "Buddhism School Department works of Lu Xun", "Chinese answering modem writer pen name", "literary world in silhouette" and other 20 kinds of. Co written with "Fuzhou history", "San Shan Lansheng", "the local culture of Fuzhou assembly" etc..
Author brief introduction

Fuzhou is a city with a long history and culture of the ancient city, Fujian will, beautiful natural scenery and pleasant, cultural and historical heritage deep. According to "historical records" records, in 202 BC, hangaozu closed without the Minyue Wang as, "land of Wang Minzhong, are Dong Ye", started in Fuzhou in the history of civilization. It is found that the Tanshishan archaeological sites, as early as more than 5000 years ago, the ancestors of today in Fuzhou perched on both sides of Minjiang, they "hunting mountain cutting industry", in the history of the development of five thousand years of life and growth in nature, whether the Minyue ancients, or thousands of miles away to migrate to the Central Plains, a generation generation, with hope, with dreams, hard work, pioneering, refuse to be cowed or submit, pioneering and enterprising, held a piece of scenery to Southeast, Fuzhou to the seashore Zou Lu, and cultural city reputation in china. Time to time to time, time of the water also deposited many unforgettable memories. A city to find valuable several cultural landscape is not difficult, but finding such as Fuzhou has such a rich and profound humanistic landscape is not easy; a city to find some be handed down from age to age custom is not difficult to find, but like Fuzhou has a profound and Bo Guang folk culture system is not easy; the more important is a city, it is not difficult to find her unique, contains rich cultural heritage, but found that continues today, succession, rich, innovation, beyond the human, is not easy, this is the Fuzhou folk cultural value. In 2001 May, Fujian people's publishing house, Fuzhou folk expert Fang Binggui, Li Xiang Liu, Xu Heping, Pan Qun, Zeng 意丹 zhuancheng "Fuzhou Folk Culture Series" a set of eight publishing. The authors used the historical research and practical experience of the eyes, after thousands of years vicissitudes of Fujian folk, feel, appreciate the people. Open merry and lively, nausea for paper, generous and strict, character and passion. The dig the subconscious, is never out of a cheap nostalgic emotion and a narrow geographical preference, re recognize and exploit it to Fujian culture, a kind of aesthetic consciousness contained in the historical consciousness awakening. Reflect customs and geography, history and reality of the echo, natural and humanistic staggered, is a history of ink, and urban style. This is the benefit of a far-reaching cultural project of Fuzhou people. After the publication, popular at home and abroad, the people in Fuzhou edition, produced great influence on society. A group of Fuzhou after a long journey and decades of research expert of folklore, on this basis, and constantly excavate and restoration of many historical folklore, formed manyNew materials, new achievements. Therefore, expansion, second edition is revision. This reprogramming "Fuzhou Folk Culture Series", including "Fuzhou Convention", "Fuzhou Street", "Fuzhou family", "Fuzhou place names", "Fuzhou", "Fuzhou idiom old business", "Fuzhou folk story", "Fuzhou" God eight ", a pen, in order to a more comprehensive, more accurate expression of Fuzhou's unique folk culture, fill the blank again urban memory. This series is not the old materials stacking, which focuses on the background of contemporary science development, referring to each other in a historical and cultural city culture and civilization of thousands of years, establish a space-time coordinate the books with pictures, highlights the long history of Fujian culture. Editor's perspective is wide, the focus is very clear, the multidimensional angle of sight, cultural tradition, will Fuzhou ancient street, downtown street, unique folk customs, mellow, strange stories, distant sites, modern architecture and cultural heritage are true, directly to the world. The editor of the text and pictures, refine on stories of detailed research, also have cudgeled one's brains, not only the objective historical presentation, and explains the academic point of view; both the inherent tension, emotional details and abundant, but also take into account information and art, so as to appreciate, research and the collection series.
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Order reprints that life cases learning customs "cut" and "jealous" Fuzhou customs pleased about "three" Fuzhou hi Red Death write "fire" Jiyong is attached to walk at the bogey "play" road clothing is more taboo only "good" and avoid "after" the clothes hanging pants avoid eye gate and avoid road straight sweep the floor with the inner and outer hall each room should be balanced house most avoid is no back door to avoid the hospital garden wall marking for Ji Qi Shou about peach not vase "do not buy a pillow" release courtyard not planted oleander door hanging immortal master Toodyay kite avoid falling house bayberry may send home off firecrackers can't ring stove mouth like in the west the night is not called the bowl Jiyong chopsticks out pig tongue to sell music called "pigs earn" how much beef diet Yan Ke node beam should protect the bogey on the pole as firewood of rope and rope hoop of doors that can do "Marlin" pick up "paper" and "paper furnace" stone pressure lost mark a turning fish fishing fishing not duck's egg "Taiping" Pomfret bogey please qingumu wedding "and its" derived from marriage men and women when first marriage "post" three out of six selected marriage ceremony and footwall hanging asked Li origin known as "a note" joy day to send "days" bridal shop dormancy account The groom's wedding bed and dear maid of honor to men, women from family dear Ying new nephew to pick the couple started her to avoid the bride entry sit hall bride out of the hall to see her mother-in-law to add "Four Seasons flower" under the stove before wedding bridesmaid cheer up wedding banquet to welcome tea three Cruise wedding fish for master new premises put five dish sit bed and "hekan" bridal wedding evening please "night wine" Ke Song poem knock on door aunt aunt mother-in-law see hole dowry and bride wedding festivities bright Test Kitchen Cook tofu relatives and friends gifts "flower cake" Chuge before "makeup" out wine and wedding wine please back and asked Jane action groom in Yuegu was "pinch fresh" lantern to send light hope son marry after the holidays don't stay during delivery, eating bogey delivery three days before open milk baby three Dan "hand off" grandma "chicken rice" corbel supported baby gift he chicken noodle three Dan liquor and wine full moon baby bogey "weighing about fertilizer" baby baby shaved wearing layers divided the cake next week 礼祝 son Baby Catch brisk "cut hamstring" grandma sent "champion" lamp "babble out one's first speech sounds first domain" baby wearing embroidered "tiger" begging to send children celebrate the birthday, worship rang Shou and avoiding Shou Zhu Shouxi selected "Peach-Shaped Mantou package" birthday eat a bowl of "Taiping surface "Celebrate the birthday together can not be broken" to send ten "gift" perfect "interpersonal appellation nickname Festival seasons farming funeral funeral belief @##@ conventional postscript "Fuzhou Convention (Revised Edition)" the true record of the Fuzhou traditional ideology and life style, such as production and living, interpersonal, weddings and funerals, festival, belief taboo, have vivid record and description. These things with people's eyes or scientific principles to judge, hard to simmer with laughter. But those truly in history have long been popular. The old folk's existence, in addition to the predecessor thought culture of immature and childish, but also show their rich imagination and creativity. In this way we can see the tortuous process of the development of human civilization. As we can't laugh at the baby's naive, we should not despise the previous naive. The past from generation. The ancestors honest innocent thought, good wishes, is unforgettable.
Chapter excerpt

Customs, refers to folk custom and cases of customs. People will be restricted by all kinds of traditional habits and social customs of the cases in life, in order to cultivate too observant of conventional standards., accept living standard and morals. From polite to advocate civilized, from the benefits of education to young fashion, from being seen to know the personnel influence character by environment, be passed down from generation to generation initiatory textbooks. Along with the social development and the development of the times, will promote the development of modern life custom. Inherited this, also has the innovation. We wrote this book, based on the collection and accumulation of data, a number of interesting topic, combined with the manners and customs were briefly about status, and briefly explain the release, both the original meaning and evolution of the traditional customs, and the customs of misleading and false difference. Reform from the bottom, change existing habits and customs, let the reader to acquire knowledge in social customs and historical culture related to. Because the fundamental characteristics as custom is popular in society, and some folk fashion, often the heat is not bad, that heat up, is not normal. The so-called "fashion", from a social customs and cultural psychological phenomena, like the "cultural cold", such as wearing a suit and for parents to put on mourning apparel, red belt, the crematorium was thrown everywhere, is one example. "View of folklore, know the pros and cons", hope this little book is beneficial to the reader to distinguish between customs of right and wrong and is not, in order to understand the screening, purification, eliminated all customs and practices. This may be useful to the reader's observation and thinking, is beneficial to the civilization construction.

"Fuzhou Convention (Revised)" introduced the custom of Fuzhou, Fuzhou is the birthplace of Fujian culture, folk customs, unique, wedding festival, living habits of antiquity. The appearance and the status quo of interpretation of Fuzhou folk custom, both the original meaning and evolution of the traditional customs, and the customs of misleading and false, has historical value, and highly readable.
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