Festival etiquette

Date of publication:2009-4   Press: Shanghai people's Publishing House   Author:Zhang Ying   Pages:241  


Zhang Ying, born in 1950, Shaanxi Pucheng county.
in Tibet in 1972, has been engaged in oil painting, stage design, fine arts editor, folk photography, Tibet folk art research etc.. Now the autonomous region of Tibet Federation of literary and art circles, as the Tibet Autonomous Region Committee, vice chairman of Tibet Artists Association, national first class artist, member, China Artists Association, China Photographers Association, Chinese Folk Photography Association China Nuo science research association.
Art "Plateau", "autumn", "Rider" encouraging, "dance", "drinking song" yak included in the national art exhibition and exhibition of Tibet autonomous region.
works include "Tibet God dance drama and mask art", "art", "Tibet Tibet mask demoulding clay sculpture", "Tibet folk art" series etc..
Author brief introduction

In 1972 I as an art Tibet opera troupe of the new mission, along the Qinghai Tibet line all the way to show sympathy to tibet. This is my first time to Lhasa. From Xi'an to Lhasa left more than 20 days, every station (transport station was the Qinghai Tibet line only takes place) have received didn't feel much pain, the man did not seem to know what to complain, even when the work for me is the dream of. For Tibet, then the hearts of the people without enthusiasm and longing now, even a mention of Tibet also have a sense of fear. I was thinking is very simple, can have a let me draw work doesn't matter where, so the tearful farewell to the elderly parents, proceed without hesitation to Tibet. At that time, eager to like me on the cause of the heat and work, only ten years of turmoil experienced "laosanjie" will experience. After that, I was in Tibet for thirty-six years. Now in retrospect, was admitted to Tibet Opera Troupe is a chance I and Tibet, and really put me into Tibetan culture is 1983 to Tibet Tibetan opera company work. From the start to the Tibetan Opera love, gradually obsessed with Tibetan culture, then wide interest and "work", painting, photography, collection (in fact is like to collect some folk craft only), or even be rather baffling "research" to start, then I do not know what is their own, in the "miscellaneous" ".
Catalogue of books

New year's agricultural and animal husbandry production and the introduction of holiday sports daily rituals offer hada toast King piece custom of marriage funeral etiquette celebration of the Tibetan New Year Festival of Shoton festival of geotextile Bathing Festival saga Dawa Festival Weisang Festival Nam Co Lake Festival mountain festival exhibition Buddha Festival Lhasa Chuan response method will 帕邦 Tang profile section Lakshmi Festival drigum for the temple Powa Dafa @##@ Festival. "Human Tibet" series shows the full range of Tibet's rich and unique traditional culture connotation. A full set of a total of 6 books, including "religious art", "Tibet clothing", "festival etiquette", "traditional architecture", "custom", "Tibetan song and dance", a professional perspective system excavation of the essence of traditional culture of Tibet. This book is a Book series. The book with simple and fluent words and many beautiful pictures, in detail introduced the Tibet rich and colorful folk culture in the daily rituals, weddings and funerals and important festival colorful and unique folk activities.
Chapter excerpt

After nearly four years of hardships, "humanistic Tibet series" (six volumes) has finally arrived! Behind it is a success, it is common to Tibet with love and countless friends support inseparable. I am very happy with Mr. Zhang Wenyu acquaintance, is his trust and done in the planning, editing process in the specific work, makes the graphic series has its characteristics. Books publication cannot do without the autonomous region of Tibet Federation of literary and art circles and Tibet leaders at all levels over the years have given me support and care. I'm writing process of books, the famous writer, Tibetology Publishing House editor Ma Lihua president made valuable comments and suggestions given by the process in the outline of Mr. Liao Dongfan; renowned Tibetologist, renowned Tibetologist, "Chinese Tibet" magazine chief editor Zhang Xiaoming, Tibet famous writer Mr. Cido to help us extend sincere thanks. I am very grateful to the friends of Mr. Bendo, we have more than ten years like a day of Tibet around the area, a great help to me in Tibet cultural knowledge progress and development, including the publication of this series is inseparable with his support. I also want to thank Liao Juan and the young student friend and finishing later in the text input disinterested help; I want to learn valuable opinions of Southwestern Ethnic Studies China President Professor Li Shaoming, Sichuan people's publishing original reading room director Yang Zongping editor in series in the review process, as well as domestic famous design company, Beijing Sanlian Bookstore Mr. Ning Chengchun pays for carefully designed this series of labor expressed heartfelt thanks; finally, thanks to Shanghai people's publishing house for this series of publishing efforts. Throughout the writing process, although I see, to find a large number of literature, also consulted many experts and scholars, to detailed, accurate data, but as far as I am concerned, after all, have little talent and less learning, accomplish this huge publishing project is not without error, therefore, hope that the reader pardon.

"Etiquette": Tibet humanities Festival
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