Chinese traditional folk painting

Date of publication:2011-10   Press: Jiangxi Fine Arts Publishing House   Author:Yu Yue   Pages´╝Ü185  

"Said the painting Chinese traditional folk" the series is popular, popular, is to have culture of above of junior high school degree friends dedication, but also for the “ &rdquo the compilation of the farm house. China has a long history of agricultural civilization, rural areas, agriculture and farmers is always an important foundation of our country. This series is the Jiangxi province folk custom and Cultural Heritage Institute and the Jiangxi fine arts publishing house jointly plan, take “ famous writing popular books ” approach. A number of experts on folklore and ancient cultural experts writing process, there are many young academic cutting-edge active participation, the series has academic value and quality assurance. "Said the painting Chinese traditional folk" this series is the modern, more is to face the future. On the plain, the performance, simple, with folk culture and traditional virtue not only lit up today, and inspired the later.
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Introduction to observe the festival at the age of three the first chapter from the perspective of time concept and the festival the first ancient Chinese concept of time at the age of second day and twenty-four solar terms of the establishment of third traditional Chinese festivals and cultural connotation of the second chapter: the grand ceremony and celebration of Spring Festival with the origin and development of the first spring festival second day Han the Spring Festival third day process and activities of other nations rich and colorful folk customs Festival: the third chapter grave and worship an excursion from the first quarter to the second day holiday throttle the evolution of sacrifice: from the ancestral temple to the graveyard shift at third day spring embrace nature chapter fourth Dragon Boat Festival: has the international influence of the origin of the first day of holiday the Dragon Boat Festival and finalization of the second Festival Dragon Boat Festival folk activities and cultural connotations of Oriental culture circle third “ ” the fifth chapter, the Dragon Boat Festival Mid Autumn Festival: ask the month to the wine of affection and romance the first Mid Autumn Festival the origin and formation of the second day Mid Autumn Festival and the moon myth third day mid autumn mooncakes and festival food the sixth chapter minorities Festival Carnival and leisure section “ March street ” and “ March three ” second “ Water Festival and & ” Ldquo; torch festival ” section third Tibetan year with “ the Nadam ” conclusion: when fusion Festival and fashion of the postscript: embrace traditional spiritual home
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