Chinese minority festivals

Date of publication:1998-03   Press: The Commercial Press   Author:Hu Qiwang Xiang Meizhen   Pages´╝Ü183  

China is one of the ancient civilizations in the world. The ancient world once brilliant civilizations, most can not continue, some broken, some with the shift of cultural center of gravity and move on to another area. Only China this country, both old and young. From the primitive society to the formation of the state, has a recorded history of more than five thousand years. China and China culture stand erect in the world, come down in one continuous line, long and a new bridge. Chinese culture is the development and historical category, inclusive and persistence: in addition to age differences, there are differences in regional and national character. It is in the stretching for thousands of years, the Chinese nation the region culture in Huaxia nationality as the main body (including the Central Plains culture, Qilu culture, Chu culture, Ba Shu culture, the Wu Yue culture, the culture of South of the Five Ridges, Fujian and Taiwan Culture) and the national culture (including Zhuang, Mongolian, Hui, Tibetan, full of such Chinese 56 nationalities culture) long, continuous exchange, penetration, competition and the fusion results. In this sense, the development of Chinese culture is concrete and historical, and multi regional, multi nationality, multi-layered network. Chinese culture is originated in ancient through to now, in the Yellow River, the Yangtze River and its surrounding region formation and crystallization of continuation of the Chinese nation's common culture, common social psychology and customs. Inheritance China cultural heritage of ancient culture, not Chinese indiscriminately accepted, but to inherit the excellent tradition, get rid of the feudal dross. Today China is in a new period of modernization. To understand the culture of the past, is the creation of a new culture of the future. This is to improve the national pride, enhance the cohesion of the Chinese nation, has a very important significance. Teenagers are the future of our country, the hope of the nation, traditional culture education is a pressing matter of the moment, to them, is a long-term goal. Let the students and has medium culture degree of readers to master basic knowledge China cultural history, understanding Chinese cultural brilliant history, inheritance, carry forward the fine tradition, the foundation of the new socialist culture construction has Chinese characteristics play, this is a great cause, also is we edit this series of purpose. Adult readers to a higher cultural level and experts, personal professional knowledge is always limited, the series for adults is a high quality, reliable and cultural knowledge. This series of predecessor have 110 topics, covering all aspects of history and culture, jointly published by the Commercial Press, the Central Party School Press, Tianjin Education Press, Shandong education press. Now by the editorial board to adjust the category, the archaeology, history, thought, culture, education, science and technology, military, economic, cultural, sports ten categories, a total of loo topics published by the Commercial Press, exclusive. Each project has expanded by more than 50000 words originally is about eighty thousand words, content is more rich, more detailed description. Hope this series multi angle, multi-level reflect mainstream and characteristics of Chinese culture, readers can understand the basic features, Chinese culture to understand the spirit of the Chinese nation is the greatest desire, this is the editor. For criticism and suggestions of this series, we will be very welcome, and strive to make it perfect.
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