Chinese funeral culture

Date of publication:2012-3   Press: Shanghai Culture Press   Author:Zheng Xiaojiang, Xu Chunlin, Chen Shiliang.   Pages´╝Ü267  

One is the technology of funeral, funeral and interment is humanity two. Since the reform and opening up, economic and science and technology of China had great leap forward development, in the funeral industry, the application of science and technology has also been great progress. But in the humanities bin mang aspects but is somewhat backward. Funeral mang culture is one of the most important part in China's traditional culture has a long history, rich in content, and classics Ho ching. "Chinese culture" in the funeral, funeral, burial and sacrifice in order to comprehensively introduces and discusses the Chinese culture of funeral, let people understand the basic Chinese traditional funeral ceremony, the process and content, especially the basic spirit of Chinese culture that can lay the foundation for the sound development of China's various buried industry, the funeral industry has the humanities enlightenment significance to reveal.
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Zheng Xiaojiang, 1957 born in June, Jiangxi Wanzai, specializing in the study of Chinese philosophy and culture, research especially good philosophy of life and death and life education. The State Council government special allowance experts, teachers in Jiangxi province. Incumbent Jiangxi Normal University Jiang right thought culture research center director, morality and Life Research Institute, Professor of philosophy and society of Chinese philosophy history and director of Chinese Practical Research Director, China Yanhuang Culture Research Association, member of the International Federation of confucianism. Has published "traditional morality and modern China", "Chinese spirit", "Chinese wisdom of death", "China Life", "life and death", "life education speech recorded", "life and death", the other published hundreds of articles. Xu Chunlin, born in March 1968, the Jiangxi River, Jiangxi Normal University, responsibility, morality and Life Research Institute deputy director, supervisor of master student, doctor of philosophy. The main study of Chinese philosophy of life, Chinese culture of life. Author of "life circle", has "e Hu will language", "life education citizens reading", "interpretation of life and death", published over thirty articles. Chen Shiliang, born in November 1954, Shanghai Bao Shan, the Public Relations Institute of Shanghai city party secretary and executive vice president and research fellow. 1987-1997 years in Beijing City Civil Affairs Bureau, during the funeral culture of China has conducted the research and the practice system, known as the pioneer of China's Tomb of the cultural industry, and published a series of articles. In 2011 founded the "cross strait Qingming culture forum".
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The first chapter is
first funeral and burial history of
second day Chinese life and death for the basic features of
third day Chinese funeral industry on the development of the
fourth day funeral industry and education of life
fifth day Chinese funeral development and evolution of
the first chapter funeral culture day of the Chinese traditional funeral ceremony of basic
second day funeral taboo and other
third chapter funeral culture
the first section encoffin
second day funeral clothing
third section of Chinese traditional funeral
fourth day funeral Kyrgyzstan, taboo
fourth chapter funeral culture
the first grave origin and evolution
second day Chinese traditional funeral
third day Chinese traditional funeral and burial type
fourth main religions of China funeral
fifth day in the history of China
sixth cemetery of Chinese folk funeral taboo
fifth chapter ritual culture
the first section sacrificial origin and cultural
second day in China the traditional
third day Chinese sacrificial rituals of classification of
fourth section of Chinese traditional sacrificial offerings.
fifth section of Chinese traditional funeral oration
sixth section of Chinese folk sacrifice
sixth chapter taboo grieve consolation
the first section grieve consolation of the Chinese model
second "the heart of environmental protection"
third day funeral practitioners "the heart of environmental protection
Chapter excerpt

In traditional Chinese thought, the highest harmony called "wo". One of the most ancient Chinese classics "Yi Zhuan" said: "the trunk changes, all is life, harmony, but cheer." Here the "Tai" "too" is the ultimate meaning, "and" refers to the harmonious, the whole sentence: the Yin and yang balance both things, suitable, no partial victory, to reach the harmonious perfection. Therefore, the "harmony" is the highest of human society the most 'state. Song Daru Zhang Zaiyun: "Tai He called Road, covered in ups and downs, lifting, the movement phase, dense phase finishes the outcome is the beginning of flexion and extension." The "harmony" to "Tao" in height, is the highest ideal for human society, harmonious state but also the people hope for the best overall. "The words" also said: "the great and the heaven and the moral, with the sun and the moon with its clear, shut its sequence with the four seasons, and the demons and their fate. And the days of birth against Inverness, the day after tomorrow and Mukden, day and put back, let alone to human being, and depending on the condition on the." The so-called "adult" is the ideal state of "perfect person", its lofty behaviour, its bright with sun and moon, the advance and retreat of the order and the four match, the match with the good or ill luck and rewards. This not only of the people and themselves, people and people, people and social harmony, but also the human and the nature and the "ghosts" each other through mutual fusion and unity. This is in fact the Chinese harmonious funeral should strive to achieve the highest goal and the best state. So, the core concept of Chinese harmonious funeral should be: "heaven and earth into the dance". What is meant by "heaven and earth into the dance"? "Heaven and earth" and "the nature", "human" is the subject and society, "God" is dead. "Heaven and earth into the dance" that is the nature of the universe, the human society and the spiritual harmony, coexistence and common prosperity. In traditional Chinese folk culture, "God is dead". From the life management perspective the funeral industry from the angle of life philosophy, and in fact is to let the living and the dead are able to in a good communication and interaction of state, living and deceased can maintain a harmonious relationship with the society, the good. However, the funeral industry of China to see obviously haven't achieve this goal on the whole. For example, widely practiced cremation cause people resist psychology and behavior; the funeral industry in some departments and the industry is not standardized, service level is not high, resulting in the funeral industry with the family and social disharmony; mass graves cemetery. Buried, no planning, or planning is not in place, the tomb became "the cancer", let the unrest, the lament the destruction of nature, resulting in the living, society and the nature, the universe is not harmonious; worship of improper arrangement makes the living and the dead to communication causes disharmony. These are worthy of our attention problems.......
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