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The first chapter material production folk custom section farming during the long period of the old stone age, our ancient people mainly rely on hunting and gathering to maintain low living. In the Neolithic age, along with the improvement of production tools, primitive agriculture began to appear, the production level has been greatly improved. Based on the adaptation of different natural environment, the north and south of the Neolithic agricultural production has been revealed regional differences. Mainly in northern regions of millet planting, which belongs to the Yangshao Banpo site in some urn, tank and indoor pits are found to have millet accumulation remains, more a up to several bucket. Most tombs belonging to the Majiayao culture of Qinghai Ledu Willow Bay site cemetery burial clothes are full of millet pottery jar, less 1, more than 4. South of the rice agriculture has developed a high level of. The famous Hemudu Site ruins found accumulation, rice husk, rice straw, rice rice leaf, the thickness can be in 1 meters, fully embodies the rice agriculture developed. A large number of bone Hemudu Site ruins discovered, shall be the main production tools, in the north for harvesting grain belt tooth stone sickle is a very useful tool. With the development of agriculture, livestock farming in the Neolithic age have begun. At that time, the northern region in pigs, dogs, chickens, pigs, dogs, while the southern buffalo. Fishing is an important supplement of the agricultural production.

Zhong Jingwen (1903 ~ 2002), Haifeng, guangdong. In 1927 at the Zhongshan University, Guangdong, participating in folk society organization activity, editing "folk" punishment and folk custom series. In 1928 the office of Zhejiang University, to carry out the work Chinese Folklore Society in Hangzhou. In 1934 went to literature research by the words of a Japanese Rice University Science, folklore. In 1941 the Zhongshan University. In 1949, professor at Beijing Normal University, Fu Jen Catholic University, Peking University, and adjunct faculty. In 1979, Bai Shouyi and Gu Jiegang, seven famous professors initiative to establish national folklore society. In 1983 the folk society. Editor in chief of Ministry of education humanities textbooks "Introduction to folk literature" and "folklore". The publication of monographs "Folk Culture: summary and the rise of", "folk literature and history", "to establish Chinese folklore school" and other dozens of.
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Total order Chinese folk history and folklore history introduction the first chapter material production folk custom section second section third sericulture farming animal husbandry, planting and cultivation of fruit trees in section fourth, Ma fifth construction section Handmade section sixth and section seventh woven textile business eighth degree metrology system ninth day money cast and circulation tenth section of city life and prosperity the second chapter folk material life first day diet, the diet two, Xia and Shang Zhou period diet for second day dress, primitive dress two, Xia Shang Zhou period of dress three, Xia Shangzhou period decoration customs characteristics and regional characteristics of the third day, living a Paleolithic people living conditions two new stone age, people's living conditions, living customs of the three period of Xia Shangzhou fourth day traffic, the traffic condition two, Xia and Shang Dynasties traffic conditions three, Zhou Dai four, Zhou Dai Road, the vehicle came hurriedly and at five, Zhou Dai road repair and travel and six, spring and autumn and Warring States period in South China area of vessels and waterway transportation seven, third chapter clan, the clan of pontoon bridge and etiquette section of clan and family clan and section second A patriarchal clan, clan, family, and two's, name, life etiquette and custom word third primitive, custom, a tooth two skull deformation of three, four, five, Dan ear marriage funeral rites, ritual six...... The fourth chapter and fifth chapter of folk belief of folk arts and crafts chapter sixth folk song and dance art @##@ postscript postscript From the historical perspective of folklore about, can be said to be mixing and crystallization of a certain historical period of material culture and spiritual culture, is the social culture and social concept connotation performance. The problem about folklore, already by folklorists conducted on many brilliant, I just want to emphasize one point, that is the folk custom, in ancient China, since ancient times has already caused people's extensive concern, from a very early period of historical records can be found on this aspect. In the history of the development of Chinese folklore, the folklore in the location of the source, it to pre Qin period and social politics, economy, ideology and culture are closely related to the migration etc.. In short, in the pre Qin period, folk, if broadly speaking, of course, can be attributable to the EC in ancient China and ancient folk, however, the pre Qin period long, still need to be divided carefully some, I think if divided into original folk, folk custom, Zhou Dai Xia and Shang three stage would be more appropriate. Zhou Dai folk custom, if the spring and autumn and the Warring States period as a special division, will be more close to the actual history. The folk custom, marriage, funeral custom, the life etiquette and custom as the bulk, its meaning is very wide, can say, every can make long discussed. Because learning is limited, this volume only for customs and rite trying to feature, the folk custom and folk social influence are discussed.
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China folk custom is a colorful treasures, is the world recognized the intangible cultural heritage, "China folk history: the volume" panoramic display in the Chinese custom formation, evolution and inheritance of the extension, reveal the intangible heritage value, Dean China folk history Jingwen since Yi to say, "Chinese folk history: the volume" is to show the world the Chinese arts.
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