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Date of publication:2011-2   Press: Tianjin University press   Author:Zhao Xu, Jin Lijuan.   Pages´╝Ü286  

The book consists of twelve chapters, focuses on China and the world in some countries and regions, the folk costumes, folk custom culture, diet custom, festival folk arts and folk custom, marriage custom, funeral custom, interpersonal etiquette folk, folk custom, religious belief, folk entertainment to the folk custom. Training book with a rich and colorful pictures, full and accurate data to supplement, full of modern knowledge links as well as with the folk items closely related exercises, in order to combine theory with practice. This book can be used as a higher vocational tourism professionals and related professional teaching materials, can also be used as the general interest books travel enthusiasts to understand the main countries in the world, area of folk customs.
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The first chapter outlines the first folk festival folk concept, formation and classification of second festival folk characteristics and social function third festival folk culture and tourism second chapter costume folk / first festival costume folk overview section second Chinese costume folk third day in some countries in folk costumes third chapter diet custom first festival diet folk overview section second Chinese Han folk diet third China ethnic minority folk diet, fourth parts of the world countries and regions of the fifth day diet custom wine custom section sixth tea custom fourth chapter residential folklore section residential folklore overview section second China living folk festival third world countries and regions living folk fifth chapter transportation section transportation overview the second section China transportation section third world countries and regions traffic folk sixth chapter arts and crafts folk first arts and crafts folk overview section second China arts and crafts folk festival third world countries and regions of the arts and crafts folk custom folk festival seventh chapter first festival folk overview section second Chinese festival folk festival of third world countries and regions The eighth chapter marry widows folk festival folk first marriage custom overview section second China marriage custom section third world countries and regions marriage folk ninth Xuan his stomach first festival folk funeral overview section second China funeral custom section third in some countries and regions of the funeral custom tenth chapter interpersonal milk meter folk section of interpersonal communication the etiquette custom overview section second Chinese interpersonal etiquette folk festival? To third world countries and regions interpersonal etiquette folk eleventh chapter entertainment folk first Festival Entertainment folk overview section second China entertainment folk festival third parts of the world countries and regions of the carnival folk custom folk religion twelfth chapter first section provides an overview of folk religion in section second Chinese third folk religion religious festival in some countries in folk religious references
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The copyright page: illustration: folk culture is a treasure of human civilization, is the crystallization of the wisdom of working people, rooted in the masses, has the very strong vitality and strong regional. These cultural tourism resources is difficult to copy and build once damaged, therefore in the development process should be maintained as far as possible the color of its regional. In recent years, with the development of the tourism industry, because of the influx of a large number of tourists and foreign land culture, some traditional national culture, folk customs are gradually assimilated or even disappear. For example, influenced by the trend of the modern, more and more minority youth are no longer willing to wear the traditional ethnic costumes, and love in the fashion; graceful dance in some areas have gradually been replaced by pop dance. The inheritance of folk culture is faced with the danger of the whole dating in many areas. 3 in principle with the expansion of tourism area, tourism growth of knowledge, improve the ability of recognition, more and more tourists to tourism activities to cultural attraction, the content of movement and adventurous fun, requirements involved not just from side view. Folk culture tourism is the biggest advantage of tourists to experience folk customs, to participate in the living, in real life, feel the local customs and practices. Tourists through participation in direct contact, understanding of the local ethnic customs and the unique regional culture, can meet its novelty, difference, seek novelty psychology. Therefore, we in the development of folk culture tourism projects, should be based on protecting the original folklore, focusing on the development of tourist participation higher customs and cultural activities, the ornamental and participation experience organic com., activities rich in content of tourist attraction, enhance product. Let the tourists in beauty participate in the story, when a "God", a "Fairy", an "abnormal" life, can let the indulge in pleasures without stop.
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"Chinese and foreign folk": the demonstration of higher occupation education quality planning materials, tourism and hotel management major
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