China Urban Folklore

Date of publication:2004-10   Press: Southeast University press   Author:Tao Siyan   Pages:191  

The history and the status of the China urban folk book to discuss, put forward some new research field and new theories, such as: Urban Folklore system, urban folk resources protection, heritage center transfer theory, the subject and the spatial flow theory, traditional and modern running in theory, to construct a theoretical framework Chinese Urban Folklore to open branches, folklore.
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The first chapter one, changes of contemporary folk custom two, rural folk and urban folk three, urban folklore construction four, urban folk resources protection and the second chapter Chinese ancient city folk, Chinese ancient urban folk origin, development, the Tang Dynasty two city folk three, Song Dynasty, Yuan Ming and Qing urban folk four urban folk third chapter China urban folk literature reading a, Han Tombs in the west wind -- Liu Hsin's "notes Xijing" two, Datang weather in sunset -- Wang Renyu's "three" Kaiyuan Tianbao, Tokyo Menghua -- things such as Le Meng patriarch "Tokyo menghualu" four, a pillow yellow 染梦 have sleep -- Wu Zimu's "dream Liang the spirit of" five martial arts, bustling into news -- careful "Wulin news" six, Jekyo Seungjingchi Liu Dong, in the multi -- 奕正 "Teikyo features slightly" seven lakes beautiful scenery, Ji Lihua -- Yuan Xuelan's "Wu Junsui Hua Jili" eight, six dynasties landscape customs special -- Pan Zongding's "Jinling age in mind" the fourth chapter of modern urban functions and the status of a city, and political life, economic life of two city and three city, and cultural life. Evolution feature live four, city and military strategy five, urban and information network of the fifth chapter of city and urban folk characteristics, urban two, urban folk three, urban folk trend of development of the sixth chapter of contemporary urban folklore, folk customs, a change of two, at the age of three, folk custom and the way of pleasure the seventh chapter discuss the update of urban folklore, urban folklore on the object two, urban folk theory of value three, urban folk application of postscript
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  •   Urban folklore books is not much this well written from the large range of understanding the quality of urban folklore of the book is not only a few times adhesive crack have several pages out.

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