• Lei Han Tomb of Taiwan folk stories

    "Lei Han Tomb of Taiwan folk stories" selected 150 cases of folk story tomb and Lei Taiwan related knowledge and interest and taste, arranged in Chinese Pinyin order book. These stories reflect Zhang Daoling, Zhang Heng's life from a different perspective, it reflects the Chinese ancient scientists rich and colorful life, surge high and sweep forward,

  • Northeast of Sanjiang River Basin folk overview

    "The Northeast Sanjiang basin folk Overview" (author Zhang Shudong, Liu Diansheng, Lv Pin) "in Northeast Sanjiang basin Culture Series" in the. "Overview" folk northeast Sanjiang basin with its regional and national features as the starting point, is located in Sanjiang plain, Sanjiang plain to originated from the Sushen family history for the,,

  • The Wei Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties five rites system study

    "The Wei Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties five rites system test theory" tells the story: "library China Academy of Social Sciences" (called "China Academy of social sciences research achievements library") is the organization China Academy of Social Sciences published a series of academic books. The organization published "China Academy of Social Sciences Library", is to further strengthen the work in our hospital,

  • Descendants of Karp of sealand

    "New Zealand the heir of Karp, Tujia brocade master and inheritance of oral history is mainly the contradiction between" from promoting economic development and the protection of intangible cultural heritage. The intangible cultural heritage as simple economic resources, over exploitation of distorting its essential characteristics in the protection under the name, such as the original ecology dance folk change,

  • Cherish the moment

    Blooming in the wedding, wedding in addition to the theme of space design, but also need to add appropriate lighting, invitations surprise process, full of aesthetic feeling, of course, don't forget to music can narrow the distance between people. In recent years large wedding planning are popular all over China, some single field budget has reached millions of RMB number, site layout also,

  • Rural temple outside

    Sui and Tang State worship and religion, "Jiao Miao: Sui and Tang State worship and religion" mainly about: a knowledge development, hand to keep the fine tradition, on the other hand, will continue to be updated, develop new materials, find new problems, new ideas, to create new theory. At present the development of China history, is in such a,

  • Graphic Chinese traditional festivals

    "Introduction to the graphic China traditional festival" content: traditional festivals are an important part of Chinese culture, but with the integration of modern society and the world culture open, for now a learning meals in or out of the "McDonald's" "KFC", is called "the generation without root" children, to understand the country folk tradition learning,

  • The wedding ceremony presided over the word

    "The wedding ceremony presided over the word" introduced 35 sets of commonly used words, presided over the wedding 15 sets, 11 sets of occupation wedding presided over the word holiday wedding presided over the word, 9 sets, 12 sets of four seasons wedding presided over the word cut month wedding beginning word and conclusion, 23 sets of solar term beginning word perfect wedding, wedding, wedding notes throughout the wizard, how to choose marriage,

  • Mother dictionary

    "Introduction": people see mother dictionary content of customs, immigration smell dialect. The reading of the addictive book, to "incision, with roots as the goal, with seasonal customs, human physical, a healthy diet is a class, write is" the old story". "Mother" is a symbol, from her "export" in all,

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