Yan Qin Li Bei - China handed mingtie fine reward

Date of publication:2012-5   Press: Hebei Education Publishing House   Author:Zhao Ning, Liu Zheng.   Pages´╝Ü111  

"China's ancient Ming post fine reward: Yan Qing Li stele" surrounded by moment, book three. Bei Yang in nineteen rows, twenty rows of Bei, thirty character. The left side of the five row, row thirty-seven words. The right half of the moment "suddenly column Xiu Xiao to force, snow washed Smokies faint" Fourteen words, the next moment in Song Bolu's. The Xi'an forest of stone tablets. Cibei book by Yan Zhenqing in his later years, ancient vigorous, dignified and majestic, the stroke position management proper spacing, with a kind of grand potential, high Yan Shu style, this monument is the perfect embodiment of "body" at the pinnacle of art.
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"China's ancient name card refined tours, Yan Qing Li stele" Editors: Yan Qing Li stele calligraphy on the character of all round, thick, heavy, stable, sincere, and so on, create a new realm of style and a completely different from the "kings": vigorous, bold, founder, Zhuang Yan, such as Xiang Yu and helmets what row, fan suddenly, hard crossbows to Zhang, iron will stand, stand can not be made of color. Editors with modern high-tech means to the perfect present in front of the reader, very appreciation and collection value.
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  •   Trust Dangdang, are high-quality books.
  •   Nice. Clearly, heavy, high quality and inexpensive.
  •   The character, is that of. After all, amplification of N multi word slightly fuzzy, but fortunately. Originally wanted to portray, but need a table and plastic film big. The overall good!
  •   Press pricing high! Customs do not know most of the learners can not afford to buy. The editor and the press became a mercenary thief merchant.
  •   This is the "so" word does not damage the currently visible, the best book.

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