Xixiasong - China handed mingtie fine reward

Date of publication:2012-5   Press: Hebei Education Publishing House   Author:Zhao Ning, Liu Zheng.   Pages:50  

"China's ancient Ming post fine reward: xixiasong cliff stele" is, the body incised lines twenty, three hundred and eighty-five words. About four centimeters per word square. Carved in Chengxian Gansu Tianjingshan structure square, magnificent, solemn, in the muddy mu, robust, the wave on the stroke, but many words and seal structure, on the square and take harmony, vigorous style, magnificent verve. "China's ancient Ming post finishing Tour: Shaanxi Hanzhoung xixiasong" and "Shimen song", Lueyang's "Yu 阁颂" same as the Han calligraphy "three song". But "China ancient Ming post fine reward: xixiasong cliff stele" is a three song monument in the preservation of the integrity of. Throughout the Han Dynasty official script, authentic legible. In Eastern Han Dynasty inscriptions of Wudu Prefecture of Li Xi's life and has served as a magistrate's outstanding achievements, mainly extol him led the people opened the narrow roads, good for the benefit of the people. The inscription describes the narrow mountain road difficult, narrated Li Xi's exclamation and ordered officials to build roads, cliff chiseling wrecker, cutting high pad is low, straighter, finally opened the new road, pedestrians, joy, praise merit and so on. "Xixia song" have high calligraphic inscriptions and archaeological study and appreciation of the value of copying in China and Japan launched the "Xixia song" study of heat. In China, epigraphy, cultural history, history of calligraphy and traffic history occupies an important position.
Catalogue of books

The first unit
1 season of dreams
2 sound dingdong
3 in the red skirt teacher
4 the teacher read the composition of
second unit
5. two ancient poem
6. idiom story two
7. ofthe
8. stealing fire hero
third unit
10. what love is the parents heart
11. cold light
12. passage two
fourth unit
13 interesting class
14 had "little Sun Wukong"
15 Pacific from
16 future city to visit
fifth unit
17 earth only has a
18 castle's guns
sixth vital candle unit
22. shrimp interest the op
seventh unit
23. two
25. kongchengji childhood read "Water Margin"
26.+ three borrow palm leaf fan < br > eighth unit
27. Jiangnan first floor
28. Town Phoenix
29. skylight
unit sunrise Yunhai quality test
the first and the two unit quality test
Third, four unit quality test
period quality test
fifth unit quality test Volume
sixth unit quality test
seventh unit quality test
eighth unit quality test
the final quality test (a)
the final quality test (two)
the reference answer
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The grand square, only a loss, but 宝重. ("on the tablets") - Qing Yang Shoujing evacuation touches, such as wind fluttering fairy clouds, unusual path searcher, in Han Dynasty from Rao charm. ("Bao Zhai" -- Postscript duck) Qing Xu Shujun Hongmai and quiet, Han Li regular also. ("rubbing from a stone inscription postscript") - Qing Liang Qichao "narrow West song, the masterpiece of the Han Dynasty cliff. Japan famous calligrapher beef ball, a good
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Qiu Jing, word hand, Ma Wudu County differentiation of Taoist priest, status is very low government servant, even if is such an unknown Xiaoli, but the pen so, can be regarded as the outstanding writer, calligrapher. The inscription engraved with the "end of writing Qiu Jing" two words, this is the book the history of ancient books trace has clearly the earliest example set name.
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