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Date of publication:2012-6   Press: Xiyuan Publishing House   Author:Zhu Baigang   Pages:8   Words:15000  

Upgrade from fragmented, size and improper old copybook
to complete and clear, copy copy the original mounting for the
browse through a designated cursive master handed down scroll ink (72)
inspire today's large-scale calligraphic creation only
ornamental more completely and clearly more accurate and convenient mounting copying is substantially vertical
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Zhu Baigang, Capital Normal University Chinese Calligraphy Culture Research Institute under the tutelage of master, Ouyang Zhongshi, Mr. Liu Shouan. Member of Beijing calligraphers association. Author of "famous feast" etc..
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"Banner product selection, the original" copy larger HD: Ni Yuanlu 1 ", so that we can enjoy a more comprehensive and clear scroll painting, provides very accurate and convenient banner imitation for us, so that we can mount is a vertical scroll, is a highly value of calligraphy, calligraphy lovers remains help learning the ancient.
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Ni Hongbao writing deep ancient that same year, he can and dustpan Zhan, Yat few long, such as the swordsman long days, when the flower girl, to non makeup the appearance, over the decades and Wang, Su and treasure when, at that time, but the fear of scornful not to ear. If you want to force the rugged - Ming, Zhou Shu "Qin Huayu Juan Zhu Kai law" after the band months auxiliary Mao, Ni Yang manipulation, are not specific, with Cai Yansu, Wang Wang Yuyang, should be no such as Ni HOSSONI person. But this toggle force is off, the air is too muddy, not its people ear. Ming Huang Daozhou "and the theory"
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  •   I made a mistake, hair is (five), but considering the price, also barely forget it, that is a mistake, you can understand
  •   Printing is very general, also can have a look, the price is cheap, the only way
  •   Relative to other copybook, the price is not cheap, but very beautiful. But because only one page, read up on the not so convenient -- I started hanging on the study.

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