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Date of publication:2012-6   Press: Xiyuan Publishing House   Author:Zhu Baigang  

Upgrade from fragmented, size and improper old copybook
to complete and clear, copy copy the original mounting for the
browse through a designated cursive master handed down scroll ink (72)
inspire today's large-scale calligraphic creation only
ornamental more completely and clearly more accurate and convenient mounting copying is substantially vertical
Author brief introduction

Zhu Baigang, Capital Normal University Chinese Calligraphy Culture Research Institute under the tutelage of master, Ouyang Zhongshi, Mr. Liu Shouan. Member of Beijing calligraphers association. Author of "famous feast" etc..
Chapter excerpt

Ni Yuanlu (1593 - 1644), the word Yu Yu, or jade Ru, No. Hong Bao, Yi Garden, Zhejiang Shangyu. The famous painter. Ni Yuanlu was born in the "use following the world, tree people", the ancestors from generation to generation almost official, childhood that is new and original peerless, apocalypse two years (1622), and the scholars together with Huang Daozhou, Wang Duo, modified shujishi, granted Imperial Academy editing. Once the official to the finance minister and the Minister of rites. For the upright, repeatedly urged the ills, career ups and downs ups and downs, known as "chick Prime Minister" reputation. Chongzhen seventeen years (1644) in March, Li Zicheng scored against Beijing, Chongzhen hanging, Ni Yuanlu also at home hanging at the age of fifty-two. The title "paper", clear to the posthumous title of "Wen ching". Ni Yuanlu poetry, good painting, there are the "easy" and "Ni Wenzhen" for documents such as books handed down. The painting bamboo Yunshan, pale lip quaint, the road looking. The calligraphy hung deep muddy, just fierce Qijue "taste and Huang Daozhou together, known as Ni huang". In school, Ni Yuanlu the second, Yan Lugong and Su Dongpo three people Hazumi Nosuke, "Yan the circle, Su the opening, Jin Zhang Cao dissolved therein". In Ni Yuanlu's calligraphy, the most distinctive, the greatest impact on future generations is his cursive cursive significantly, especially the vertical, has been completely out of Yan, Su barriers, structure and composition of an old style, style just fierce Ba Han, the standard air bone, become a distinctive personality mark. The pen and contain disease, "the front edges of four dew", when there is fibrillation pen; node word palace in the crunch, Ao potential tilt, "Ze forced cascade", was dubbed "the thorn rhombohedrons somersault"; the word Mao for sparse, and clear, the mighty and ink odd Yu Cang; muddy, very thirsty pen, run dry blending, random hair. Ni Yuanlu makes full use of black and white, shades, and, Xiang Bei, static and dynamic, opening and closing etc. contrast, strengthen the sense of form and visual impact. Works as a whole, Chori Yuken, elegant and fresh, like a withered vine rock, old trees with flowers, showing a strong vitality, not fettered by the vitality and the force of Qianshan, gas swallow the Milky Way's awe inspiring weather.
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"Selected" banner product is the first original inch HD vertical calligraphy masters series. The form is novel, practical and convenient, change the disadvantages of traditional calligraphy font size enlarged fragmented, improper, the original size, color, HD replication technology, a positive start the works up to 1.7 meters, seizing the momentum, descriptive quality, complex when the meal. The readers a more comprehensive and clear viewing, copying more precisely, mounting is substantially vertical shaft. Also open the way to the large size of calligraphy and painting for the calligraphy of professionals and amateurs.
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