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Date of publication:2012-8   Press: Xiyuan Publishing House   Author:Zhu Baigang   Words´╝Ü10000  

From the fragmented, size and improper old copybook, upgrade to copy the original complete clarity and copying for mounting in a cursive script, acting master handed down scroll ink (72), most of today's large size inspired calligraphy appreciation, a more comprehensive and clear; copying, particularly precise and convenient mounting, is a vertical shaft.
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Zhu Baigang, Capital Normal University Chinese Calligraphy Culture Research Institute under the tutelage of master, Ouyang Zhongshi, Mr. Liu Shouan. Member of Beijing calligraphers association. Author of "famous feast" etc..
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"Selected" banner product is the first original inch HD vertical calligraphy masters series. The form is novel, practical and convenient, change the disadvantages of traditional calligraphy font size enlarged fragmented, improper, the original size, color, HD replication technology, a positive start the works up to 1.7 meters, seizing the momentum, descriptive quality, complex when the meal. The readers a more comprehensive and clear viewing, copying more precisely, mounting is substantially vertical shaft. Also open the way to the large size of calligraphy and painting for the calligraphy of professionals and amateurs.
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