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Date of publication:2012-8   Press: Xiyuan Publishing House   Author:Zhu Baigang   Pages:8   Words:15000  

The first original inch HD vertical calligraphy masters series. The form is novel, practical and convenient, change the disadvantages of traditional calligraphy font size enlarged fragmented, improper, the original size, color, HD replication technology, a positive start the works up to 1.7 meters, seizing the momentum, descriptive quality, complex when the meal. Watch more completely and clearly, copying more precisely, mounting is substantially vertical shaft. Also open the way to the large size of calligraphy and painting for the calligraphy of professionals and amateurs.
Author brief introduction

Fu Shan (1607-1684), the beginning of a Ding Chen, the word Qing Zhu, at the beginning of the word and the word bamboo, Qiao mountain, a Ren Zhong, character, Tuo, also called stone road, alias. The Qing Dynasty famous thinkers and scholars, calligraphers, medical home. Fu Shan was born in a scholarly family, ancestors "generation industry Confucianism", he is intelligent, like any man, nature of upright. Repeatedly ban Xiang can not not intended career. As "the Ming and Qing Dynasties thinker", Yama Hiromichi history, thinkers and release of the old school, longer than painting, good in the text, "the eye" of reputation, and the source of the epigraphy of Qing dynasty. The "cream red niches set"
"Gou Zi commentary" "getaway" "set the ancient plum blossom poems" etc.. Fu Shan in medicine, also has a great achievement. Kangxi twenty-three years (1686) died at the age of seventy-eight.
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  •   Fu Shan very cow, warrior, always thought that better not a coincidence, it is said Xu Beihong, originally from Fu Shan
  •   The original large banners, can be used for reference to the creation of the price low, then better.
  •   If the original is better
  •   This book pages a little less.

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