Tang Wei small set - China handed mingtie fine reward

Date of publication:2012-5   Press: Hebei Education Publishing House   Author:Zhao Ning, Liu Zheng.   Pages:44  

"China's ancient name card refined tours, Tang Wei small set" featured in our country the Wei, Jin and Tang Dynasty calligraphy masterpieces minuscule compiled into a series, including three of Zhongyou works "recommended" and "season straight Mu Tian 丙舍 tie"; the Eastern Jin Dynasty calligrapher Wang Xizhi's masterpiece "Huang Ting Jing", "Le Yi theory" and "Dong Fang Shuo draw"; the Tang Dynasty Yu Shinan's "broken evil order"; the Tang Dynasty Zhu Suiliang "Lingbao people"; the Tang Dynasty Yan Zhenqing's "Magu fairy story".
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"China's ancient Ming post fine reward: Tang Wei small set of" five thousand years of splendid Chinese civilization and the unparalleled wealth of written records have been recognized as the world, in this broad and profound history, Chinese calligraphy and painting art with its unique artistic form and artistic language reproduces the diachronic evolution. "China's ancient Ming post fine reward: Tang Wei small collection" to use modern technology to the exquisite calligraphy works perfectly, is your study and appreciation of calligraphy is preferred.
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  •   And I imagine different, was originally intended for the baby to see, take back to see too professional. However, I will really appreciate the value of.
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  •   Open face big ah ~ to his colleagues to set, very satisfied.
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