Stele of ritual vessels - China handed mingtie fine reward

Date of publication:2012-5   Press: Hebei Education Publishing House   Author:Zhao Ning, Liu Zheng.   Pages:65  

"China's ancient Ming post fine reward: Ritual monument", Chinese Eastern Han Dynasty important inscriptions, full name "汉鲁 phase Han Chi built Confucian Temple sacrificial monument", also called "Kong Zi Xiu temple for table", "Han Mingfu Kong Zi Temple Monument" etc.. The Eastern Han Dynasty Yongshou two years (AD one five six years) set. The existing Shandong Qufu Confucian Temple. The inscription of Han Chi Lu phase modified Confucian Temple, adding various ritual, Limin jointly donated Li Shi 以颂 their virtue. Monument side and publication of official name and money donated Bei Li Shi number. This monument is one of the most important representatives of the Han Dynasty official script, the stone house evaluation is very high, has long been regarded as the official script pole. Bei Yang part structure and dignified, art has regular arrangement, as evidenced by the "Chinese ancient Ming post fine reward: representative ritual monument" style, one hand should Bei Yang beginning. But from the artistic perspective, Beiyin also has its unique value. The pen and elegant, natural interest, word size is not the rank of law has been broken, the lyric is very strong, in the whole book to devoted calligraphers more subjective spirit and temperament, and therefore can not be ignored is Lin Bei Xi in.
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Han Dynasty when taking Confucian Temple "ritual monument" as the first; the word day's wonderful, non pen non hand, quaint without the former, if the magic, not by the artificial, the so-called star electric conversion of fiber more than hair, not enough to describe it. Han Zhu Bei structure life meaning, can be like, the independence of this monument as the Milky way, that is not expected to be too. ("Jinshi history") - Ming Guo Zongchang is as odd to Han, each tablet is a singular, Mo is the same; and this monument is especially jijue, lean like iron, change if the dragon, the word for a surprising change constantly. ("empty boat postscript") - Qing, Wang Shu Han Dynasty such as "Baoxie road" opened "Yang Jun Shimen song" like, to temper the winner; "Jing Jun" "Lu Jun" "Longshan letters" like, to form the winner but also; and pushing this tablet. 要而论之, Yu Qi insurance to smooth, Yu Shu Xiu to tight, so hard. ("flat tablets") - Qing Yang Shoujing
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"China handed mingtie fine reward • ritual monument" is China the important inscriptions, the Eastern Han Dynasty Yongshou two years "in one five six years", the Shandong Qufu Confucian Temple. Editors with modern high-tech means to the perfect present in front of the reader, very appreciation and collection value.
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