Nine into the palace Liquan Ming - China handed mingtie fine reward

Date of publication:2012-5   Press: Hebei Education Publishing House   Author:Zhao Ning, Liu Zheng   Pages:36  

"China's ancient Ming post fine reward: Nine into the palace Liquan Ming", written by Wei Zheng of the Tang Dynasty, Ouyang Xun is. Monument in the Tang Zhenguan six years (AD six three two years) in the Lin You (now in Shaanxi). The monument consists of twenty-four rows, each row forty-nine words of Tang Taizong found something in Liquan palace of nine summer. "Nine into the palace as a whole Liquan" party, and in the square to see no risk, the word row arrangement is compact and shapely, 'open sound. The shape of slender, bank to risk fresh seeks stability, especially heavy in the drawing pen to delimit the tail end, then firmly mention. The whole inscription Gao Hua Hunpu, strict regulation, a dot to become later model, is Ouyang Xun's representative work, be regarded as "Kai calligraphy pole.
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This post as the mountains to people, thin hard cold, too sufficient Yu, can make the knees, non he carved square drive also. Ming Chen Jiru "is the first". ("graphite engrave") - Ming times Han "Liquan Ming" Gao Hua Hunpu, France pen circle, belonging to the Han, Wei and Jin Kai outside with the brewing, BOESCH, who can be against. ("Fang Jian Pavilion preface") - Qing Guo Shangxian word a ninth branch white cloth is also. Right "Huang Ting Jing" "Leyi theory", Ouyang was more "Liquan Ming" "Thousand Character Classic", all nine most quasi person. The bucket bamboo shoots but joint, eight sides are full, no short segment word, no long source word, there is no straight, his absurd Qiao also. ("pro" -- on Qing Zhou 星莲 @##@) Ouyang Xun (AD five five seven, ad six four one years), the Han nationality, the word letter, in the year five five seven was born in Hampshire (now Hengyang), native of Linxiang (now Hunan Changsha Tanzhou), four regular script you (Ouyang Xun, Yan Zhenqing, Liu Gongquan, Zhao Mengfu) one of the. Sui 时官 too often Dr., Tang Shifeng Prince rate makes, also known as the "Ouyang rate. And the other three (Yu Shinan, Zhu Suiliang, Xue Ji), and that the four masters of the early Tang dynasty. His son Ouyang Tong also pass calligraphy, so it is also called "big Europe". The testimonies of Ouyang Xun in the rigorous, arduous, world no horse, known as the first Chinese regular script. He and they return to calligraphy are well-known Tang, and said "Ou Yu", later to the book on the Ping see no risk, the beginner, No. "EC". The representative of the "Nine" degree ", Liquan Ming Si Yong Gong Gong Yu epitaph" Zen master "Wen Yanbo monument" "Huangfu Christmas monument", "dream of a" tie "in" Zhang Hantie ".
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