Mi Fu's famous Chinese Rubbings products - seventy-eight

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Mi Fei (five - one one, in seven), the Song Dynasty calligrapher. The early name "Fu", after forty-one years of age to agency "in". Character chapter, lumen lay, Xiangyang diffuse scholar, sea Yue scholars, known as MenAn officer. Taiyuan (now in Shanxi province), moved to Xiangyang (this is in Hubei province), late home run Zhou (now Jiangsu Zhenjiang), Jian Haiyue an. And for painting and calligraphy doctor of science. To the Libu Yuanwai Lang. Good clean addiction, storing more stones, known as "rice.". The books were 晋法, to return to the two kings, old age out of the rules, is deep the accident of purpose; since that "person is only a good book, I unique four" consciousness of nature. Along with Cai Xiang, Su Shi, Huang Tingjian, later known as the "includes".
"new purple tie", "research three Hao tie", "Linyi post", "to" you "and" filling Zhiyan and book "," to the Greek voice book "," Zhang ", for" on "," value of cursive post rain tie "," Qing and tie "," basket "for the post Mi Fu handed down the famous ink, collection is now in the Taipei Museum of the Imperial Palace, the writing aplomb, distinctive style, are all good. "The white ripe tie", "view", "Gaoyou" tie "," copy "," sorrow fear pet tie "is selected from the Southern Song Dynasty block printed edition, Yue Ke engraved" Ying Light Church posts ", possession of Chinese University Hong Kong museum. The post because of the moment is not far away from his work, meters should be easy to see, so the moment for both of his superior, are important materials for study and research of Mi Fu calligraphy.
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"Chinese Rubbings products: Mi Fu's famous" features: depart from standard, thousands of years, back paradigm to church pen Chengshan, bow Yibiao, rubbing from a stone inscription famous, with 100, into the ancient open today, the Essential John in secret.
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