Lanting Pavilion ordered - China handed mingtie fine reward

Date of publication:2012-5   Press: Hebei Education Publishing House   Author:Zhao Ning, Liu Zheng.  

"Lanting Pavilion", also known as the "Orchid Pavilion" "Lanting Pavilion by order" "Kanawha" preface "wedge". Second, the book by Wang Xizhi. Is Wang Xizhi's most famous cursive masterpiece, written in Yonghe nine years. Called "the script", and Yan Zhenqing "memorial nephew season plaintext draft", "Su Shi" tie "and called the three script calligraphy copybook. The original with Li Shimin to bury, handed down to the Tang Feng Chengsu. This is the best dragon. In human body, with high and steep rise, some day interspersed ingenious, echoing the obvious reflection. Many words repeated with the potential to shape, each are not identical, with unpredictable, Qianzibaitai, without losing the testimonies.
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The Chinese script the first post. Song, Mi Fu calligraphy hideitsu, ink color brilliant, beautiful transcendent, astounding, have awn turning. Fiber preparation as. Yuan, Guo Chen learn calligraphers as Lanting Pavilion, and persons who study in language meng. Xi, offering more than 书非 poorly, but this was the natural and with all. Like the De Sheng Ren cooked, and moved in with courtesy, not reluctantly for workers and. @##@ - Ming Ru Wang Xizhi (ad three, three years, in the year three six one, say three two one BC - ad three seven nine years), the word Yi, whose ancestral home is in Langya (now Shandong Linyi) people, after the move to Kuaiji (Shaoxing), write "Orchid Pavilion", Jin Ting later Huiji live under the jurisdiction of Shan county, the Eastern Jin Dynasty calligrapher. Former secretary general, Jiangzhou Cishi Lang, ningyuan. After the Kuaiji meat history, took the right of general, known as "Wang Youjun", "Wang Huiji". His son Wang Xianzhi calligraphy is also good, the world known collectively as the "kings". Wang Yizhi calligraphy greatest achievement lies in the increasing loss of ancient method, variable and simple book wind is exquisite, beautiful style of writing. Cursive thick fiber compromise, is potential to form dense, running script and powerful nature, the writing of Chinese characters from the practical to introduce a focus on techniques, exquisite taste realm. Enjoy the "Saint" reputation. None of the original trace exists, there are seventeen book edition, "tie", the small "Leyi theory", "Huang Ting Jing" and Tang Seng Huairen set the book "sacred order", a profile of the ink filled holes in the "Lanting Pavilion" tie "sequence", "fast snow clear with" "frequency" sorrow. "Sangluan tie" "far from official posts" "Aunt Esther" "peace in orange three for example" "cold cut tie" "line would tie" etc..
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