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Date of publication:2012-5   Press: Hebei Education Publishing House   Author:Zhao Ning, Liu Zheng.   Pages:71  

The court had a cursive ink, a surname essays and books. A book on the vertical arch in three years (AD six eight seven years). The beginning of a pen calm. Speed to aid, be subject to one moment, like a symphony of knowledge, meaning and Ping; intermediate writing emerges, gesture gradually indulgence, stipple with hook and loop traction; at the end, as in high and vigorous spirits and reached a climax, lumpy wind, students saw the pen, enjoy huisa. End to end more than 3000 words, one climax after another one, it is "intended to pen, smart living, John grace flies", to "ingenuity you have double free" environment. In the "Chinese ancient Ming post fine reward: refers to the development of calligraphy, calligraphy teaching, pay attention to skill, extensively absorb, creation condition, school books, writing skills and how to climb into calligraphy topics such as book" 三千七百余 word, this article thought carefully, said barrel Gai, Chinese calligraphy history in a row the era of calligraphy works, still have the realistic significance.
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The court had a cursive "book", has the right discipline. As the word based difference near and straight, this is a court of law. Firestone said these words are the right book, sun pen. All two second king Tang of grass. ("books") - song, Mi Fu Wei sun Qian Li cursive "book", the law of right, and 三千七百余 words, then carefully, he actually has, cursive treasure. ("books in the Czech Republic") - Qing Zhu Lvzhen "book" strong run mellow, few in Shanyin hall room. After longitudinal, thirst lion dragon potential. ("Shu Gai") - Ming Wang Shizhen Tang people, no one does not copy right, but there are ways to be found. Sun Qianli's "book", innocent and natural, drop arm alone, has no intention of seeking, without Wan, this is Tang Diyi Miao wrist. Ching Sun Chengze
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Sun Guoting (AD six four six, ad six nine one years), a religious ceremony, with words. China's Tang Dynasty calligrapher, calligraphy theorist. A former right back to join the army and government rate recorded the army helmet. Hao Fuyang county (now Zhejiang Fuyang) people, one Chen (now Henan Kaifeng) people. Sun Guoting have two strokes of truth, and developing, innovation. The representative of "book" "Thousand Character Classic" "Jing Fu Dian Fu" three, are cursive ink, which the greatest achievements and influence to the number of "book".
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